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5 Ways That Running Is Best For Losing Weight

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A majority of people get into running for one simple reason, losing weight. Running is one of the best exercises to burn calories especially for those individuals who are a few pounds overweight. It is as good as any other exercises probably even better than a lot of other exercises. If already you are a runner, then keep doing it, but if you have not yet started and would love to lose weight, it is a high time that you start.

On a simple level, losing weight is just the difference between the calories burned and the calories consumed. Approximately, you burn at least 100 depending on the terrain and your size. Run faster, cover a longer distance and burn more calories. Below are ways that running is best for losing weight:

1. Running is Convenient

Compared to other types of exercise, there is very little required to go running. You can do it almost anywhere you want and can also do it alone. You do not necessarily need major equipment beside a simple pair of shoes. For these reasons, running is the best exercise one can do with an aim of losing weight. It is accessible, cheap, and there are fewer barriers to maintaining a routine.

2. Running Burns Calories

Running is probably one of the most efficient ways to burn tons of calories. As with any other exercise, the amount of calorie that you will burn will depend on how heavy you are. For an average adult weighing about 160 pounds burns at least 606 pounds for every 5 miles that he/she will run. Speed up and run for 8 km/hr and you will burn 861 calories. Depending on the speed and the mile you will cover you have the potential to burn even more calories.

Do not use this as an excuse to eat piles of extra donuts but at the same time do not cut down your diet too rigidly. Your body needs better sustenance to facilitate more running, but give it the right kind.

3. Prompts You To Eat Healthy

One of the best ways to lose weight is by eating healthy food. Running alone is not a magic solution to weight loss, in fact, there is nothing like magic powder, pill or exercise that will help in melting the fat away. If you are running, your body will require real food that will provide you with the energy to keep going. So in order to have a better performance, you will have to cut off eating snacks, sodas, processed food, junk food and other food items that are not good for you. This will help improve your performance while running as well as help you achieve your ultimate goal in shedding off some pounds.

Take a bottle of water with you and sip as you run. Of course, it is very normal to be hydrated while you are running. When you run on a regular basis, you will end up drinking a lot of water. Water is an important ingredient when it comes to breaking down of fats and burning of calories.

4. Running Uses Every Part Of Your Body

When you are running, you are exercising almost all of your body parts. Your legs will get the workout and so do every other body part. Your arms are pumping and moving forward through the air while swinging forth and back. You are tightening your abs, and your glutes are also getting some major workout. Your shoulders are also involved, in that most parts of your body are involved in the fat burning process.

5. Running Works Even When You Are Resting

Exercise that is of high intensity like running stimulates more “afterburn” than an exercise of low intensity. Studies have shown that even when you compare between walking and running the same distance, running will result in more weight loss than walking. This is because when you rest after running, your energy will still stay elevated.

Bottom Line

There you have it; running is one of the best ways to losing weight. However, if you are not patient and increase your speed/mileage too fast, you can get injured. This means you will experience more pain and no weight loss. Be persistent and don’t try taking shortcuts. Also, decrease the rate of food you take as calories but do not underfeed yourself. If you do, your brain will begin to break down the muscle instead of the fat.

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