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Best Asics Running Shoes

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Looking for the best Asics running shoes your money can buy? Than just take a quick look over the table below and read as well the detailed reviews. I’m sure they will reveal to you what you’re looking for.

Best Asics Running Shoes 2018

Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Check Price
Asics Gel Exalt 2 Check Price
Asics Gel Foundation 12 Check Price
Asics Gel Cumulus 17 Check Price
Asics Gel Kayano 21 Check Price
Asics GT 2000 3 Check Price
Asics Gel Kayano 22 Check Price
Asics Gel Venture 5 Check Price
Asics GT 2000 2 Check Price
Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 Check Price
Asics Gel Flux 3 Check Price

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Asics Gel Nimbus 18

The Asics Gel Nimbus 18 is the latest upgrade of Asics’ top-of-the-line neutral running shoes. In addition to the firmer cushioning in the midsole, this exceptionally durable shoes also offer great comfort and improved stability. Many runners, including the experts, appreciate the improved heel counter and the snug fit.

The upper portion of the Nimbus 18 have a seamless construction that will safeguard your feet against any form of irritation. With the lightweight synthetic mesh, you can enjoy truly breathable running shoes that permits excellent ventilation. Asics also improved the comfort and feel by adding the ComforDry X40 sockliner, which has antimicrobial properties. It works together with the ComforDry lasting in the insole to effectively manage moisture. The running shoes also have a set of smooth laces which work with newly designed eyelets that disperse lace tension and improve comfort.
Asics has redesigned the midsole and added a new higher density foam. This foam provides better cushioning than version 17, especially at the heel and forefoot, which makes them great for runners with shin splints. The midsole also includes the special Forefoot and Rearfoot Gel cushioning, which serves as an efficient shock absorber and makes them more responsive. Asics’ FluidRide technology makes the plush cushioning more responsive and durable. While the Guidance Trusstic system provides torsional strength, stability and a support system that does not add unnecessary weight to the midsole.

Many users could not hide their feelings about the high level of comfort. There are several reasons for this but the seamless upper design is a prominent one. The new seamless upper design prevents the usual irritations caused by conventional seams and stitches. They also have a unique Heel Clutching System – the heel counter that provides perfect grip for your heels. Also, the discrete eyelets which are not connected to each other make it very easy to enjoy a snug custom fit for your foot each time you wear it.

The running shoes have a very durable outsole that also provides enhanced cushioning and flexibility. Asics’ high abrasion rubber technology (AHAR) makes them so durable that you can use it for several running seasons back-to-back without any major damage. AHAR offers exceptional wear-resistance as well as good traction and grip. In the forefoot area of the sole, you can find the DuraSponge technology that provides extra cushioning for forefoot striking runners. You will find the AHAR material appearing at the heel and forefoot sections of the outsole

  • Performance and Comfort: The firmer cushioning enhances both performance and comfort while running.
  • Responsive: The new foam and other technologies used in the midsole make them responsive and energy efficient.
  • Great Shock Absorption: The re-positioned Forefoot and Rearfoot Gel cushioning and FluidRide technology provide efficient shock absorption and give you a softer landing and smoother transition.
  • Snug Fitting Heel: The re-designed heel counter and collar prevent any slips at the heel.
  • Upper with Secure Fit: The re-positioned overlays in the upper section create a better fit.
  • Breathable and Comfortable Mesh: The specially designed mesh and seamless upper construction provides great comfort even when you cover many miles.
  • Well-cushioned: Virtually all runners who gave their review said that the cushioning is exceptional.
  • They have a narrower toe-box and heel collar than Nimbus 17. So runners with very wide feet may need to order for a larger size.
  • A bit heavier than the previous version.
  • Some runners think that they are a bit expensive. But the durability, excellent cushioning, and support for neutral runner clearly justifies the higher price.

Asics Gel Exalt 2

One of the features that makes the Asics Gel Exalt 2 perfect for runners with feet problem is the SpEva Midsole. The bounce is much better, so you will have that feel that you are stepping on a cloud. This feature also eliminates the irregularities on the surface where you have stepped on, so these running shoes can be worn even if you like jogging in the woods. Thanks to this the risk of injuries is reduced, so these are some of the safest running shoes available on the market. Running on a longer distances is now more pleasant thanks to the SpEVA midsole.

This is an addition to the aforementioned feature. In essence, it makes the rear foot more comfortable in these running shoes, so it has the same benefits as the previous feature. This feature makes them unique, due to the fact there are no a lot of models on the market with this system. They are extremely light with all the features they have.

The main material is synthetic, so that makes them more than just durable. The glue has the same characteristics, so it ensures long use. In essence, there are no materials that cannot last at least 2-3 years. Thanks to it, we can say that buying is a wise investment as well. Keep in mind that they are made to be used every day, and even if you run with them 7 times a week, they can last several years. During that time, you won’t have a need to repair damages or to replace anything. Even the washing them is simple and it doesn’t require any special treatments. The heels are especially elevated in order to ensure the ultimate comfort. Besides the comfort, they can make you look taller. When the heels are higher, they must withstand less pressure and vibrations that occur during the running.

The Trusstic System is the latest addition and it was invented as the best solution for reducing the weight. This is important due to the fact the feet will have to withstand less stress. On the other side, the running distance is going to be increased, simply because you will have to carry less weight. The system doesn’t affect on the quality nor it reduces the amount of time they can be used.

The running shoes are developed from scratch in order to help runners with plantar fasciitis. All features and systems they have, have been proven to be more than useful in reducing and eventually eliminating the pain, caused by the aforementioned condition. They are perfect who want to protect their feet and eliminate the risk of developing this injury.

  • Duo Max Support System offers great and impressive foot support so the highest level of comfort and lower risk of injuries are ensured.
  • Rearfoot GEL-cushioning makes running more enjoyable.
  • The rubber sole is more durable and soft than other running shoes.
  • 100% effective against plantar fasciitis and similar conditions that affect the feet.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Enable to the feet to breathe, so reduce the bad odor.
  • They are layered with waterproof material, so running on a rain, won’t be a problem. This material is also known for the ability to dry very fast and resistant to slighter damages.
  • Running in the woods is more pleasant due to the features that increase the comfort and foot support.
  • They are available only in two variants, so all models will look similar.
  • Toe area may be narrow.

Asics Gel Foundation 12

asics-gel-foundation-12The Asics Gel Foundation 12 is designed to provide superior support and motion control for runners with mild to heavy over pronation. The memory foam in the midsole offers a cushioned and comfortable feeling. With the slight reduction in weight, this recent upgrade makes these running shoes ideal for heavy runners who want to improve their performance.

The upper section has a lightweight design. The breathable mesh provides more ventilation and comfort than the previous versions. Your feet will be remain dry and free from irritation in one of the best Asics running shoes available right now. In addition, the ComforDry Sockliner has anti-bacterial properties and it prevents the growth of microbes as a result of sweat or dirt.

Most of the features that offer you excellent support while you run are located within the midsole section. The SpEVA midsole runs through the entire length to provide efficient energy return. The running shoes work with the forefoot and rare foot gel cushioning to deliver good shock absorption and responsiveness. At the heel they have a Heel Fit system that consists of two layers of memory foam which mold themselves around your heel to give a perfect fit while you run.

The Trusstic System offers support to the arch of your foot without compromising the flexibility. The System also helps to control torsion. To help you reduce over pronation, the DuoMax Support System in the midsole uses dual density foam and cushioning components.

The outsole is fortified with High Abrasion Rubber to provide exceptional durability, such that you can use them to run for hundreds of miles without any visible signs of wear. This rubber is present at the heel, mid-foot and forefoot where the soles experience the greatest amount of abrasion. Asics also uses its DuraSponge Outsole technology to provide additional cushioning and durability.

The running shoes are built to provide high stability for runners who need to correct their over pronation. It has a raised platform that provides adequate support for heavy runners. If you are a heavy runner, the Guidance Line in the midsole will provide support and help you to stabilize your gait while you run. They provide more depth and room in the forefoot area for wide-footed runners. Apart from stability, they also serve as a motion controller. With the help of the memory foam in the midsole, you will experience very minimal impact when you land.

  • Relatively Lightweight: The Engineered mesh upper, EVA foam and the Solyte Plus midsole make them light enough for you to run fast without compromising stability.
  • Adequate Cushioning: Rear foot and fore foot gel cushioning as well as the SpEVA material in the midsole offer comfort, shock absorption, and energy efficiency.
  • Strong Support: Built on a concept called the Maximum Support Last. Also the DuoMax Support system increases the springiness.
  • Exceptional Stability: The Guidance Trusstic System and the Guidance Line in the midsole help to stabilize your gait while you run.
  • Flexibility: The Guidance Line adds a vertical flex groove that improves flexibility of the outsole.
  • Durability: The upper mesh, midsole components and abrasion resistant outsole are all durable and they can be washed manually or with a machine.
  • To reduce the stiffness that could be experienced when they are new, additional underfoot stability mechanism should be added.
  • Fits large and so you may need to order for the next 1/2 smaller size to get a perfect fit.

Asics Gel Cumulus 17

The Asics Gel Cumulus 17 is an enhanced version of the popular model designed for runners with neutral and under pronation. The new shock-absorbing insole and the extra cushioning in the forefoot and rear foot enhances the plush soft feel. With the addition of the FluidRide system to the midsole, these running shoes now provides superior comfort for long distance runners.

The upper design and construction has been upgraded with new seamless Hot Melt overlays and Sandwich Mesh. The overlay offers better support and protection for the foot while the synthetic mesh makes them more breathable and comfortable. In addition, the ComforDry sockliner, which has potent anti-microbial properties, disperses moisture and keeps the interior dry, clean, and fresh. So you can run and cover more mileage due to the additional airflow and breathability.

In the toe-box area breathability has also improved with the increase in width and extra room for toe movement. The external upper design comes in a variety of impressive color combinations such as black/silver/onyx, indigo blue/black/flash yellow, island blue/black/indigo blue, mix grey/electric blue/black, and white/silver/orange.

In the midsole, Asics combines the famous Gel cushioning system with FluidRide cushioning technology. FluidRide technology combines Super Solyte and SpEVA material which are blended with the Gel system to provide superb cushioning while you run. The Cumulus 17 enhances the well-known Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning technology. Together, they offer the softness, bounce and responsiveness that you will expect from premium quality stability running shoes. They also add durability to the midsole so you can enjoy running for many miles.

Asics also added a memory foam lining called Personal Heel Fit to the heel area. It provides a more secure fit for the heel without sacrificing comfort. Asics also offers gender specific cushioning in the midsole to enhance support and running efficiency for male and female runners.

The running shoes have the notable AHAR – Asics High Abrasion Rubber material in the outsole. The unique design of the outsole provides excellent traction, grip and responsiveness. Although the new outsole has been degraded a bit to reduce the cost, it can still serve the needs of the runners who don’t do very intensive training.

The AHAR material is distributed in segments in various parts of the sole to improve traction and responsiveness. So you will find more of the material at the forefoot and heel areas. Asics also added a Guidance Line, which is structured to provide enhanced flexibility, stability and support. AHAR gives good traction on virtually all road surfaces and it can be used to run safely on wet surfaces after heavy rains.

  • Enhanced Breathability: New seamless construction, ComforDry sock liner, and the open mesh give runners superior breathability and comfort.
  • Exciting Array of Color Choices: They comes in at least five brilliant color schemes.
  • Superb Cushioning: Virtually all reviewers appreciate the enhanced cushioning and plush feel that this shoe offers.
  • The design is modern and makes them look amazing.
  • Exceptional Support: Performs very well as stability running shoes. It offers the comfort and support required by long distance runners without sacrificing performance.
  • Responsive Midsole: The FluidRide and Gel cushioning technology in the midsole absorb shock and makes them more responsive.
  • Gender-Specific Cushioning: Asics provides the most appropriate type of cushioning for men and women.
  • Enhanced Grip: The outsole provides good traction and grip on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • The new outsole is not as durable as the one in the preceding version.
  • The toe box is wider but shallower, so some runners complained about the fit of the new design.
  • Some runners complained that the additional cushioning makes them feel a bit heavy.

Asics Gel Kayano 21

If you are looking for great running shoes that offer all features and benefits you want as a runner, these Asics Gel Kayano 21 are a great choice. Although the price isn’t cheap and they can be compared with mid-range shoes, you will quickly notice that they  are worn by professionals and can be used every day. In any case, it is a safe choice and a wise investment.

The running shoes have been designed with the latest technology. At the end, they are more comfortable and they have a better stability than any previous model. At the same time, they are soft and lightweight, so wearing them is a pleasure. Keep in mind that they are lighter than similar models, especially those from the same price range. The stability is the highest level you can get and besides that, these are one of the best Asics running shoes that offer neutral foot support. Even if you have flat feet these features can help you run longer and faster, so they are definitely a great choice, if you have aforementioned issue.

Gel Cushioning means that the rear foot and fore foot are layered with a gel that makes them much better in any way. The result is that the shock absorption much better than similar models is, and it is one of the most important aspects when choosing new running shoes. Once again, this feature is more than needed if you have flat feet. The cushioning is particularly useful if you like to run on gravel or rough terrain.

The stability level is an important feature that can make a difference between good and great running shoes. In these you get the best on the market, specially great for runners with runners with shin splints. Your feet will be held in place no matter when and where you run. The stability reduces the risk of injuries, due to the fact your feet will be held tight in place when there will be no free roam. The system is lightweight and will not increase the weight of the overall shoes at all.

The low light safety is definitely an interesting addition. The upper layer is reflective, so during a night or when light conditions are low, your running shoes will ‘glow’. Car drivers and other people will be able to notice you much sooner. For people who like to run in the dark this is an recommended feature. The reflective layer is resistant to most damages and the light will stay reflective for a long time.

  • Impressive stability. Great for people with flat feet.
  • Gel cushioning system. It covers the rear foot and fore foot.
  • The reflective layer is more than needed.
  • The design is modern and makes them look amazing.
  • Available in many different colors, so every person can get a model he likes the most.
  • The level of vibration is reduced, due to the fact the layers and several features are designed especially for that.
  • Impact Guidance System.
  • The fabric is breathable, so the bad odor will be a thing of the past and feet sweating will be reduced.
  • Ventilation isn’t very good.
  • Arch support can be better.

Asics GT 2000 3

The stability of the Asics GT 2000 3 is more important than you can imagine. If you have running shoes that offer the highest level of stability, running will be much better and the risk of injuries will be much lower. You will get amazing runnning shoes designed for professional use. Even better, you can wear them the entire day and your feet won’t hurt that much at all.

Another important factor is the comfort level. With Asics GT 2000 3 you get the ultimate comfort, so your feet will enjoy wearing these Asics running shoes. At the same time, this feature makes running more pleasant and running longer won’t be an issue. They have an amazing cushioning system, so they will absorb the vibrations and similar issues from the ground.

Although, most people believe that shoes must come with a bad odor, the real situation is a bit different. The GT 2000 3 are made from special materials so they allow your feet to breathe. As the end result, they can eliminate the bad odor and bad air, trapped inside a shoe. As the end result, a bad odor will be a thing of the past. This feature also reduces the risk of developing bacterial issues, due to the fact bacterial reproduces is wet and warm areas.

Runners with flat feet should wear light shoes, due to the fact they reduce the stress on their feet. With the GT 2000 3 you will get a lightweight pair that are made from high-quality materials, so they can last for a long time. The weight is about 300 g, which isn’t the best result, but it is treated as one of best.

Keep in mind that all materials, used in the production process are strong and they can withstand rough use. Wearing the Asics GT 2000 3 every day, won’t be an issue and they will last at least a few months. During that time, there won’t be damages, nor need for repair. The upper layer is resistant to scratches and similar issues so can look like new, even after a long period of use.

  • Great value. They are more affordable than similar models.
  • They are the best choice for people with flat feet.
  • They are breathable, which means that a bad odor and risk of bacteria are eliminated.
  • The level of grip is outstanding.
  • Comfort is much better than others from the same price range.
  • Stability. This means that your feet will be in a stable position, which also means that the risk of injuries will be reduced.
  • The materials are resistant to scratches and they are durable.
  • The heel is loose (slightly) which can be treated as a drawback.
  • The weight is low, but there are models with a lower weight.
  • Dynamic Duomax isn’t very good.

Asics Gel Kayano 22

asics-gel-kayano-22The Asics Gel Kayano 22 is undoubtedly one of the best running shoes available today. This new upgrade has a number of distinct improvements that boost running efficiency and comfort. Enhanced cushioning, seamless upper construction with better reflectivity as well as an improved fit make them worth every dollar you spend on it.

The upper section has a redesigned mesh, which delivers optimum breathability. With the renowned Fluidfit technology and the new seamless mesh construction, this upper gives you a very comfortable custom fit without any form of irritation. The dual-layer memory foam lining placed at the heel collar gives a snug fit at the heel. The vamp also provides extra reinforcement and offers additional durability. They now have discrete eyelets that spread out the pressure of the laces and make them more comfortable while running.

Asics’ Forefoot and Rearfoot Gel Cushioning technology gives you a responsive ride. They absorb shocks when you land and gives you an increased energy return for a better toe-off. With the FluidRide technology in the midsole you will also enjoy the responsive cushioning and durability. Asics offers stability through Dynamic DuoMax Support, which was added to correct over pronation. This support system controls the movement of your foot so you can have a smooth heel-to-toe transition. In addition, Asics takes your gender into consideration by adding specially designed forefoot cushioning for each gender.

The famous AHAR material – Asics High Abrasion Rubber – gives the outsole exceptional durability, traction, grip and flexibility. The outsole has a segmented design with various segments containing different amounts of AHAR. In the forefoot, a blown AHAR compound called DuraSponge Outsole provides enhanced cushioning. Overall the running shoes provide good traction and grip on the road and its unique design prevents it from picking up dirt or small stones when you run on on a sandy surface. With the help of the durable AHAR material, they promise to provide the same amount of durability and stability that most experienced runners expect from this brand.

The size and fit have been altered slightly because they weighs about 18 grams more and is about 5 mm longer than the previous version. It now has a relatively shallow toe-box ceiling with a slightly wider forefoot and mid-foot section. This makes your foot a bit more relaxed and it provides a comfortable fit. However, Asics has provided only standard sizes for both men and women. So if you have very wide feet, you should test your normal size and the next half-size to discover the one that will offer the best fit.

  • Enhanced Cushioning: The foam lasting and midsole feel very soft. The deeper guidance line also provides soft cushioning underneath the heel.
  • Seamless Upper Construction: The redesigned synthetic overlays have no seams or stitches so you can run for long hours without any irritation.
  • Excellent Sockliner: Asics’ ComforDry sockliner has excellent moisture repellent properties that enhance the breathability.
  • Seal of Acceptance: It has the prestigious seal of the Podiatric Medical Association in the U.S. Very few running shoes have the APMA endorsement.
  • Exceptional Durability: The AHAR outsole makes them more durable than other in its class.
  • Superb Support: They provide great support for runners who have neutral or slight over pronation.
  • Stability: You are assured of a very stable ride on the road or track.
  • Customized Fit: The new discrete eyelets and sockliner offer a glove-like personalized fit.
  • They may be a bit expensive for some runners.
  • Some runners with big feet felt that they were a bit stiff initially.

Asics Gel Venture 5

asics-gel-venture-5The Asics Gel Venture 5 provide improved cushioning with adequate support and upgraded technology compared with the latest model. This affordable pair of adventure running shoes is great for running on light trails and for regular training. They are distinct because they are lightweight, comfortable, and versatile. The 5th edition also offers better grip than its predecessors.

The upper section is made of open mesh. It is breathable, lightweight and flexible. The absence of very thick cushioning makes it possible for you to enjoy movements on different planes without undue restrictions. This mesh material also improves ventilation and prevents your feet from becoming slippery and sweaty. The open mesh together with the synthetic overlays provide a customized fit for your foot. Consequently, you will enjoy enhanced stability when you attempt to run on uneven terrain. The customized fit is further enhanced by the padded tongue. On top of the tongue you will find the Asics lacing system. This lacing closure is the traditional lacing closure found on most running shoes, but it does a good job of adjusting the fit of the upper section and helps to also provide stability and comfort while running.

The midsole has sufficient cushioning to support you for neutral pronation or to correct your pronation while run on a trail. They have an EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) foam that runs from the forefoot to the heel. This lightweight foam material is tough enough to provide stability and light enough to enhance your performance while running. In the midsole, there is a Rear Foot GEL system that offers additional cushioning for your heel. This cushioning system makes use of a silicon-based gel that provides improved shock absorption and extra cushioning for your feet. You can find this gel just under the main EVA foam material, from the heel to the mid-foot. Thus, when you do a heel strike on a rough terrain, you will be protected from the effect of irregularities on the road and your feet will be shielded from the effect of the landing impact.

One of the best features in these running shoes is the removable sock liner. This sock liner comes with a fabric mesh lining that gives a soft feel. It is an excellent addition for people who have certain medical conditions. This removable insole layer can be taken out and then replaced with diverse types of medical orthotics. Medical orthotics are designed to help you re-align and correct movable body parts. So you can prevent any abnormal foot movements from hindering your athletic performance. These medical orthotics are essentially sculpted shoe inserts that will improve your gait and running efficiency, while enhancing your foot strike.

The outsole is designed to provide adequate traction and grip while you run. The primary material for the outsole is the AHAR, this high abrasion rubber sole is made of tough carbon rubber and it may be found in most of Asics running shoes. The Trail specific reversed lugs on the outsole are not specifically designed for intense mountain trail running but the treading pattern is adequate for both light trails and track running. It supports running on both wet and dry surfaces as well as uphill and downhill running. This treading pattern and the special abrasion rubber provide durability, traction and sufficient wear resistance that will allow you to use them for hundreds of miles before they start to show signs of wear.

  • Offers Good Grip: The 5th version provides more traction than the preceding version.
  • Adequate Support: You can use them to run with confidence on most trails because of the type of support they provide.
  • Durability: The high abrasion rubber sole makes them very durable and prevents them from wearing out quickly.
  • Excellent Shock Absorption: The rare foot gel provides an excellent platform to absorb shock, reduces the impact of landing and gives you a smooth transition.
  • Affordable: They are one of the most affordable trail running shoes that offers most of the expected features at a low price.
  • The comfort at the ankle could be improved. After running for many miles, this section could have a little more cushioning to enhance comfort.
  • For a few runners, the narrow fit at the heel may be a bit uncomfortable.

Asics GT 2000 2

One of the latest running shoes that are specially designed to eliminate the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, are the Asics GT 2000 2. They bring several improvements and already known features, mandatory for people with this issue.

The Fluid Ride of the Asics GT 2000 2 makes them more comfortable, simply because it increases the bounce effect, so running is easier. The separate system, made of special cushions makes them even better. On the other side, wearing them the entire day, won’t be an issue, which is perfect for people who stand a lot, due to job or etc. In addition, this system is paired with extraordinary durability, so you will be able to use them for a long time and there won’t be any damages.

The GEL Cushioning System in the GT 2000 2 is designed to absorb any vibrations and irregularities that may occur during running. It covers the entire foot and it is much better than similar systems, found in similar running shoes. In addition, this feature has been reserved for it. Thanks to it, you will be able to run more and increase the running distance more often. At the same time, the system is the perfect addition if you like running in rural areas.

One of the reasons why they are great for plantar fasciitis is the Dynamic Duo Max system. It increases the stability of the foot, so it must withstand less stress. It also holds foot tight, so the risk of having an injury is reduced. Now, you have an opportunity to use the same system that professional athletes used.

Despite the fact, the Asics Gel GT 2000 2 have more features than the previous model and are much lighter. This is possible due to the fact the manufacturer used only the best materials in the manufacturing process. In order to make them, Asics had to think outside a box. That’s why, many materials are brand new to the industry. In addition, other components and even glue, had to be lighter than conventional materials. All of these is mandatory because lower weight makes them better and more functional. You will be able to run faster thanks to this feature.

Thanks to the fact they were made from synthetic materials, it makes them some of the best when it comes to durability. No matter if you wear them every day and use them only for running, they will last long. It should last up to 2-3 years, even under the hardest circumstances. Keep in mind that water and usage at bad conditions doesn’t have a negative effect, so running at rainy weather is a real pleasure.

The Guidance Trusstic is important for the integrity of the feet. Your feet are always going to be in correct position, so the stress they must withstand is eliminated. Keep in mind that this is the latest system that up to recently was reserved especially professional athletes. Now, you have a chance to try it.

The Impact Guidance System or the I.G.S is the latest feature in the world of running shoes. Due to the fact it is incredibly efficient, it makes the Asics GT 2000 2 great. Simply said, it reduces the stress, feet must withstand while running and maintain the feet in a natural position. This reduces pain and reduces the risk of injuries. At the same time, this system makes them more comfortable. The best part, it has a positive effect on the entire foot.

  • They help 99% of the people with plantar fasciitis .
  • Latest systems make them perfect for different terrains and everyday use.
  • Extremely durable. A single pair can last up to 3 years.
  • High-quality materials, very resistant to damages.
  • Great lateral support.
  • The materials are waterproof.
  • Absorbs the vibrations and irregularities that may occur during running.
  • Shock absorption isn’t at the highest level.
  • They are available only in 4 different colors.

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11

The Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 are well built stability running shoes that is suitable for both professional and amateur runners. It provides effective cushioning, good support and a responsive sole that aids long distance running. That is why it is a very popular choice among many triathlon athletes who will love to wear sock-less running shoes.

The upper section has an open mesh that is breathable and comfortable. This attractive mesh with a special glow-in-the-dark print keeps your feet dry and provides good air flow to keep them cool. You don’t have to put on socks when you use them to run in your triathlon because it has a seamless upper construction.

Unlike these Asics running shoes that have internal seams, the absence of seams eliminates irritation. Like other Asics, they also have the ComforDry Sockliner, which has an antibacterial property and helps to remove moisture and odor from the shoe. The Strobel Last in the upper is directly connected to the EVA foam in the midsole and it gives your underfoot a soft feel. With the elastic laces, and the heel and tongue grip, you will enjoy additional comfort on the ridge of your foot and a better heel to toe transition while running.

The midsole is made of Solyte, a lightweight material that provides better cushioning than the more common EVA and SpEVA. With the Solyte midsole your feet will have adequate shock absorption. The well known Asics Gel Cushioning System in the rarefoot and forefoot reduce shock during the impact and the toe-off phases and the allow you to experience smooth foot transitions. In the midsole, the lateral heel and mid-foot are connected by a plastic that stores thermal energy. This energy is used by a Propulsion Trusstic System to propel you forward when you take off. These running shoes makes running easier and more efficient. Similarly, the Impact Guidance System offers you a smooth heel-to-toe transition. You will also enjoy improved stability and support through the Dynamic DuoMax Support technology.

The running shoes have a well built outsole that gives you the three important benefits: good grip, traction and durability. At the heel, there is a tough carbon rubber material known as AHAR, this high abrasion rubber is wear resistant and offers exceptional durability. To provide adequate grip for you and other triathlon runners while running on different surfaces, the Wet Grip technology is more than adequate. This material has both organic and non-organic materials that also help to improve traction on wet surfaces.

They provide good support for runners who have mild over pronation. Mild over pronation takes place when you strike the outer part of your heel on the ground, then you follow it up with inward movement of your feet to absorb shock. The shoes will help you to maintain a stable gait and provide support for your ankle and foot.

  • Lightweight: The male version weighs just 277g and this is lighter than many other stability running shoes.
  • Comfortable Fit: The seamless upper construction makes your foot very comfortable whether you wear socks or not. The perforated ComforDry sockliner also provides breathable cushioning and comfort for the underfoot.
  • Good Shock Absorption: The Gel Cushioning system located at the forefoot and rearfoot help to absorb shock and reduce the effect of the impact when you land.
  • Increased Flexibility: DuraSponge technology added to the forefoot offers additional flexibility.
  • Better Visibility: The new Glow-in-the-dark print on the upper portion makes themmore attractive and increases visibility in low light.
  • Relatively narrow forefoot construction which may not be very convenient for runners with wide feet.
  • Moderately priced but it may be a bit pricey for some runners.

Asics Gel Flux 3

While putting on the Asics Gel Flux 3 running shoes, the running would never have been easier. The award-winning forefoot and rear foot Gel cushioning of the footwear offer outstanding shock attenuation as well as support to the runners from every level. Due to the presence of the mesh upper and breathable synthetic, you’ll be provided with a supportive and comfortable feeling while running, even with wide feet. Smoother transitions plus enhanced efficiency are ensured by the Guidance Line technology which allows you to run with ease. Durability and reliable traction are also guaranteed by an abrasion-proof rubber out sole.

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