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Best Blood Pressure Monitors

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A blood pressure monitor can save lives!

Monitoring your blood pressure is one of the best ways to keep track of your state of health. Traditionally people went to the doctor to check their blood pressure. But because many people are hypertensive, many physicians now tell their patients to monitor their blood pressure data personally with automatic monitoring equipment.

When you are able to take your blood pressure readings accurately at home, you can pass the information to your medical doctor.

To help you find one, we we have reviewed the best blood pressure monitors out there.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors 2018

Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor: Panasonic EW3152W

It is recommended to select the most effective blood pressure monitor in order to keep track of your blood pressure on your own. You will not be disappointed at all by using this awesome Panasonic EW3125W device. It can boast of a big LCD screen which is positioned on the unit’s surface. Consequently, it is possible to keep track of your own BP level effortlessly by just looking at the screen which will display several characters like alphabets and numbers that almost any user can read without any difficulty. Another useful feature happens to be the Touch System and you can start this monitoring system by simply putting your arm inside the Touch System. This feature will help to enhance the overall experience of the user and there is no need to worry about how to start a unit. Yet another essential feature is the filter technology which will assist you to obtain a flawless result from the device. This product will help you to measure your BP level very quickly and usually, you will not take more than one minute for doing so. However, you must abide by all the required guidelines which you will get from the packaging so that you’ll be able to get the results accurately as well as quickly.

Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: Omron HEM-780

Omron-HEM-780In case you are diagnosed with high blood pressure and has been advised by the physician to monitor it closely, an Omron HEM-780 will prove to be a fantastic device to do this. In fact, this innovative device is the only product out there which is designed to monitor the Morning Hypertension, which happens to be the main predictor of enhanced risks of stroke. Apart from this, this incredible monitor is also capable of detecting irregular heartbeats. The product makes use of IntelliSense advanced technology for ensuring that every single time the monitor is used the upper arm cuffs inflate to the appropriate level. Another notable feature of the product is the Tru Read average mode which will take as many as 3 consecutive measurements at an interval of one minute and then display the average accurately. HEM-780 works with automatic inflation facility and the presence of the AC converter is definitely an important feature of the product. It is possible to use the same device for more than one individual at the same time and therefore it is definitely one of the blood pressure monitors worth its cost.

Best Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor: LifeSource with AccuFit

LifeSource-Blood-Pressure-MonitorIndividuals having large arms will find this device to be extremely beneficial. Being reliable, accurate and simple to use, LifeSource is an amazing product which has got all the required features including the Accufit Cuffs as well as its HeartWise Technology. The unit can also boast of some additional features which make it superior to its rivals on the market. Firstly, it comes with a high-speed motor offering quick as well as comfy readings. Besides this, the product also includes an irregular heartbeat detector. However, the above-mentioned HeartWise Technology happens to be the most significant feature of this device which apart from measuring during inflation will also figure out the ambient noises at the time of deflation. This actually implies that as long as the cuffs are properly fitted, the readings are going to be quite accurate in spite of any difficult or tense situation. Lastly, it should be mentioned here that the monitor also includes a big display plus comparatively large buttons for enhanced user experience.

Best Digital Blood Pressure Monitor: Withings

Withings-Blood-Pressure-MonitorAt present, the modern generation is confronting with lots of health problems along with various other challenges such as inactive lifestyle and toughening economy. However, with the advent of time various smart gadgets and fitness trackers have been launched on the market thanks to the developments in technology. The Withings is one such outstanding device which is used to keep track of different health metrics. Usually, one has to wear this device on the arm and it will start flawless monitoring immediately. The product includes a comfy cuff as well as an ergonomic display which allows error-free reading. You will also come across a Health Mate app which syncs the accumulated information with the mobile devices using iOS and Android platforms. The monitor is connected to an online dashboard account which offers comprehensive top quality results in easy-to-understand charts. It is now possible to view the results using iPhones and Android devices. One can easily share the information provided by this device using both wired as well as Bluetooth connections and it works with both iOS and Android gadgets.

Best Blood Pressure Lowering Device: RESPeRATE

RESPeRATE-Blood-Pressure-MonitorThis device has been tested clinically and certified to be 100% effective in reducing your BP level within only four weeks and that too without any unwanted side effects. In fact, it happens to be the very first gadget to have successfully passed several clinical tests and has been confirmed to lower blood pressure level successfully. You simply need to use this gadget for 15 minutes twice every week in order to get the best results. While using the RESPeRATE, it is recommended to put on the headphones and also fasten a sensor around the torso. The product comes with a remarkable breathing sensor which helps to analyze an individual’s breathing system automatically and it also generates a personalized melody which is made up of a couple of distinct inhale and exhale guiding tones. By extending the exhalation tone gradually for controlling your breathing, it drives you to another therapeutic zone that has less than 10 breaths every minute. Within a few minutes, there is a relaxation of the muscles surrounding the blood vessels and this helps the blood to circulate freely which leads to the lowering of hypertension.

Buying Guide

We use a monitor to measure our hypertension or BP. When a physician checks it, he does it by pressing a rubber cuff around the arm and also tightening it so that it can cut off the circulation of blood for a certain period of time. Apart from pumping up the cuff, the monitor also allows us to get a precise reading of our hypertension level. This particular device is usually called a sphygmomanometer.

This device is not required by everyone. It is actually intended for those who either take medicines for hypertension or are suffering from high blood sugar. Sometimes pregnant females might also require them in case PIH happens to be an issue.

Doctors recommend monitoring hypertension at home due to several essential reasons such as providing him with information regularly regarding your hypertension readings and how efficiently you are responding to the medicine that has been prescribed by him which will guarantee that your general health is good.

Furthermore, it is possible for only the home monitors to detect several types of hypertension that actually exist. One of them is termed as white coat hypertension which takes place when the hypertension readings are lower at home but higher at the physician’s office. Another one is called masked hypertension in which case the readings are higher at the residence whereas low at the doctor’s clinic. These types need regular monitoring at the residence which can be provided only by a competent monitor.

Medical practitioners are able to understand the pattern by using a suitable monitor. For this reason, it is essential to record the times as well as dates while taking the readings. Several monitors allow you to track your hypertension which is actually stored on the monitor itself.

Types Of Blood Pressure Monitors

  1. Upper Arm – This particular device features a cuff which goes around your upper arm and it is required to inflate the cuff by squeezing a bulb repeatedly. It helps the cuff to tighten around your upper arm which enables you to get the reading. It is not difficult to use these types of cuffs and they are also quite affordable as well.
  2. Digital – This device is almost identical to the previously mentioned manual style; only there is no need to inflate the cuff manually. It will do it on its own since it is an automatic device.
  3. Wrist – This unit happens to be a cuff which goes around the wrist instead of the upper arm. It is imperative to have the wrist at the level of your heart so that it is able to read your hypertension and most of these devices feature indicator lights which can allow you to know the exact position of the wrist in order to get an accurate reading.
  4. Manual – 

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