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Best Body Fat Monitors

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Monitors have turned out to be extremely productive for measuring body fat and that is why there has been an influx in the sale of conventional bathroom scales at present. Whereas a regular scale is going to inform you regarding your weight, these monitors have the ability to make you understand exactly how much of the weight is fat. In fact, there are also bones and muscles in our body whose weight is not advisable to lose and therefore these gadgets play an important role so far as our health is concerned.

We have penned down a handy list for you that contains the best body fat monitors in the market today alongside their brief reviews and features to help you have a better understanding of what you are about to buy.

Best Body Fat Monitors 2018

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart-Scale Check Price
Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Analyzer Check Price
Easy at Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale Check Price
Skulpt Aim Body Fat Percentage Analyzer Check Price
Surpahs Sense-ON Digital Bathroom Scale Check Price

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart-Scale

fitbit-ariaThe Fitbit Aria is a specially designed digital weighing scale that enables you to monitor your weight, body fat and other important health metrics. Built on the foundation of Fitbit’s online services, this body fat monitor enables you to track your fitness online using Fitbit’s mobile apps and web interface. In our review, we have provided a detailed description of its unique features and mode of operation so you can decide if it will help you achieve your fitness goals.

The monitor has a stylish design although it is modelled after the conventional bathroom model. Fitbit offers a black and white version. On top you can see a thick glass slab that gives it an uncommon slick look. In addition to the stylish appearance, the Fitbit Aria has a crisp and bright LED screen blended with a circular porthole-style design. Underneath the weighing monitor, you can see its four feet and a compartment for the four AA batteries that power this device.

The device is Wi-Fi enabled so it works like a networked household appliance. To set it up, you need a smartphone (either iOS or Android) or a PC (Windows or Mac), with the appropriate Fitbit application installed. Setup begins by removing the batteries for up to 10 seconds and re-inserting them. After entering the setup mode, it will create a Wi-Fi hotspot that will connect to your mobile phone or PC.

Aria allows yo to use up to 8 different profiles. To use any of them, you need to have an active Fitbit account (or sign up for one). Then you can add the relevant personal information as well as any password for the Wi-FI network you will be using. Setup is much easier with a smartphone than a tablet. Each user should have a separate Fitbit account to display accurate fitness information through the Fitbit app. However, a casual user or visitor can use the scale to check their weight without creating a separate profile.

After setting up the Wi-Fi connection and user accounts, the monitor is very easy to use. Simply step on it and wait for some seconds. Your body weight and percentage of body fat will be displayed on the screen. The measurements are obtained through bioelectric impedance, which involves passing a small electric current through your legs to the rest of your body. This current gives an estimate of your body’s water content and it serves as a basis for estimating your body’s fat.

It is important to note that the bio electric impedance technology will give you slightly different body measurements when you are dehydrated. It will also show appreciable variation when you have just finished exercising or after you have eaten a heavy meal. So to obtain consistent results, you should ensure that you measure your body fat at the same time of the day. For instance, taking your weight measurements early in the morning after you have emptied your bladder can help you to get more accurate measurements.

To know whether your body fat is increasing or reducing, you need the smartphone apps or Fitbit’s web interface. You will be able to track your weight and body fat and even monitor other fitness related information like your diet, water consumption and the number of steps you walk daily. If you use other fitness tracking equipment produced by Fitbit, you will be able to see information from them as well. You may also import data from other third party dieting and fitness monitoring services.

  • Easy to Use: Very simple and clear instructions for Wi-Fi connectivity, user integration and weighing.
  • Stylish and Attractive: This monitor has a very unique and elegant design, which beautifies your bathroom and motivates you to use it regularly.
  • Efficient Smartphone Integration: After the original setup, subsequent connectivity is automatic and seamless.
  • Tracking of Body Fat and Weight Stats: With the smartphone app and web interface, you can monitor your fitness level and the effect of your training.
  • Measuring your weight several times in quick succession reveals some variations due to the bioelectric impedance technology.
  • Measurements are simply estimates not precise figures.
  • May be a bit pricey for some runners.

Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Analyzer

Omron-HBF-306CThe Omron HBF-306C is an effective body fat analyzer that delivers consistent results. It has easy-to-follow user instructions that will enable you to know whether the amount of fat in your body composition is rising or decreasing. With its dual operation mode that is specially suited for runners and athletes, this portable device is an ideal choice for all active people.

The HBF-306C is a handheld device. The design helps you to measure and track your body fat and BMI simultaneously. It looks like a typical video game and comes in two different colors: white and black. The black version may be more suitable for family use, especially when different people will handle it everyday.

Two bold LCD screens show the results each time you use the device. The top one shows the fat percentage while the lower one displays your body mass index. With the two ergonomically designed handles, you can easily hold it and keep your hand steady for a more accurate measurement. This monitor has good build quality and it would last for many years after the initial 1-year warranty.

It is quite easy to use. Before you grab the handles to get an idea of how much fat you have in your body, you need to enter some personal information like your weight, height, age, fitness level and sex. Two fitness levels are recognized: athlete and normal. You are supposed to use the guidelines in the instruction manual to determine your fitness level. All the personal information you supply will be stored in one of the nine profiles.

After you complete the initial data entry, you can press the start button and grab the handles for a few seconds. A very small electric current will pass through your hand and then move through your arms and to other parts of your body. Your body fat percentage will be calculated as a measure of the electrical resistance provided by the fat in your body. After about 7 or 8 seconds your estimated body fat and BMI will appear on the screen.

The device has however become popular among many athletes because it takes account of their fitness level and it offers consistent results when it is used under similar conditions. To improve accuracy of results, you should avoid using it immediately after a workout, when your bladder is full, or if you are using a pacemaker. You will also get inaccurate results if you use it just after taking a shower. However, when you are working out consistently, you should notice a reduction in body fat if you use it properly. Similarly, if you are not doing your exercises regularly, this fat monitor should show you a corresponding rise in body fat.

Although the most accurate method for measuring body fat is hydrostatic testing, most people like to keep track of their fat loss at home. So the bioelectric impedance method has gained a lot of popularity. However, this method requires you to be adequately hydrated, preferably by taking a few cups of water about an hour before using. It also depends on many other factors including age and fitness level. That is why you should expect a margin of error of about 3 to 5 percent when compared to the results produced by the other methods of measurement.

  • Simple to use: Can easily be used by both adults and children.
  • Multiple user profiles: Excellent family gadget because it can keep records for each family member, it also has a guest profile for an occassional visitor.
  • Adequate accuracy: This machine gives consistently accurate results as long as you follow the instructions.
  • Great value: At the low price that Omron offers this device, it is hard find another competing brand that delivers similar value.
  • The fact that the current comes in from the hands alone reduces the accuracy of the results for people whose fat stores are greater in the lower parts of the body.
  • The level of accuracy depends on many factors and so it varies from one individual to another.

Easy at Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale

easy-at-homeThe Easy At Home is an attractive weighing scale that tracks vital body composition metrics in addition to your body fat. With the seamless connection to the versatile HealthKit smartphone app for iOS or Android devices, you can easily see your stats on your mobile phone or tablet a few seconds after taking your measurements. This body fat scale uses high precision sensors to ensure a greater level of accuracy. That is why we have written this review to help you discover how this monitor can help you to monitor your body fat statistics and motivate you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The design of the Easy at Home is stylish and has an attractive digital smart scale. It has a slender and slick design with a 4.3 inch backlit screen. The blue background of the screen makes the bold digits stand out so you can see them clearly. Data is displayed in an extra large font to prevent undue eye strain. On top you will find tempered glass that adds to the aesthetic appeal while providing a strong platform for you to stand. The scale can accommodate up to 400 pounds and this is more than adequate for most adults.

The setup with your phone is fast and easy. There is no need to spend several minutes trying to pair it with your smartphone. Simply ensure that you download the app unto your smartphone. Then make sure that the bluetooth is enabled on your phone and use the silver easy on button to put it on.

If you want to obtain your body weight alone, you can stand with socks. But to measure all the eight parameters, you should stand with your bare feet. Within a few seconds, you will see your measurements displayed on the screen. The Easy at Home also connects automatically to your phone to transfer your data within 10 seconds. When you are through with your measurements, the auto shut off feature will switch it off and save battery life.

The app has a user-friendly interface and provides information in a format that is easy to view and understand. It has table and graph display options. You will be able to view information for eight different statistics: weight, fat, muscle mass, water, mass index (BMI), bone mass, BMR and visceral fat. The app has the capacity to create a graph that will give you an instant overview of your progress over several months so you can increase your motivation to do more exercise and stay healthy.

You can also choose to display graphs for selected periods of time with the Easy at Home. With the available 10 profile slots, each member of the family can use the monitor to measure and track their fitness information. However, not all iOS and Android devices are supported. So you need to check the documentation on the website to know if your smartphone or tablet is supported.

  • Simple and Quick Operation: True to its name, Easy@Home is very easy to use. The instructions are well written and easy to follow.
  • Many User Profiles: Accomodates 10 different user profiles, which is greater than what many other smart digital scales offer.
  • Multiple Measuring Units: You can read your weight in either pounds or kilograms.
  • Multiple Statistics: Measures eight different body and fitness statistics unlike many other monitors that only offer 2 – 4 parameters.
  • Bold display: A 4.3 LCD screen offers a bold and clear display of data.
  • Excellent Statistical Display: The smartphone app gives you a chance to view data in multiple formats including graphs and tables.
  • The ITO technology offers high precision measurements so you can weigh yourself several times in quick succession and get exactly the same results.
  • Not all iOS and Android devices are supported but there’s greater compatibility with Android that support version 2.3 or later.
  • You cannot view all the stats at once so you will need a compatible smartphone.

Skulpt Aim Body Fat Percentage Analyzer

skulpt-aimThe Skulpt Aim is a ground breaking monitor that helps you to measure your body fat as well as muscle quality. With a system known as electrical impedance myography EIM, this smart hand held body fat monitor helps to detect the amount of muscle and fat located in various parts of the body. The measurements produced is quite accurate. So we have to provided this review to help you decide whether you need to add this unique device to your fitness monitoring gear.

The Aim package contains the main fitness tracker, the charging cradle, water bottle and a pouch to protect the device while traveling. It is a portable machine made from a combination of rubber and plastic polymers. This material has a measure of moisture resistance that protects the device from damage. A ring around the bezel located on the edge produces a glow while you use it. The Aim displays the body fat and muscle quality boldly on the LCD screen. These are the only two values that Aim measures.

The monitor is bluetooth enabled that can be paired with an iOS and Android device to maintain a record of our body fat or muscle quality. When you put it on for the first time, you will need to provide some personal information to create an account and then pair it with your smartphone app. This tracker can accommodate up to 6 people’s profiles.

Twelve sensors are behind the tracker and they can be placed on various muscles on your body. When you have selected a particular muscle group to measure, you simply spray the sensors with water and place them on the muscle. The tracker will send a small electric current into your muscles through the skin and fat. If the measurement was successful, a blue light will appear on the ring on the bezel.

When you need to measure total body muscle quality and total fat percentage, you have to measure your quads, abs and triceps. In order to avoid the repetitive spraying of the sensors, you can use this water resistant device in the shower. If you don’t want to use the spray water bottle, you may also splash some water on the relevant muscles.

After you have completed your measurements, the device will transfer the data to your smartphone app via Bluetooth. Then the app will analyze the data. It uses five different numbers to represent muscle quality: 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160, which correspond to ‘Needs work’, ‘Average’, ‘Fit’, ‘Athletic’, and ‘Skulpted’. You can use it to measure 12 sets of muscles on the left or right side of your body including: fore arms, chest, abs, biceps, triceps, calves, lower back, upper back, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and quads.

The EIM technology used in the Aim gives more accurate readings than the bioelectric impedance technology used in many digital monitors. Devices that use bioelectrical impedance have to use complex calculations that depend on age, gender and fitness level. In addition, the technology does not measure actual fat quantity, it only provides an estimated percentage.

Bioelectric technology also provides inaccurate results based on the amount of level hydration of the user. However, EIM works consistently regardless of the hydration level, age, gender or fitness level of the user. EIM is effective regardless of the time of day when you take the measurement. That is why the machine is one of the most reliable for measuring body fat with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Easy to use: From setup to connecting to your smartphone to taking measurements and interpreting results, this device is easy to handle.
  • Fast measurement: Provides a measurement of muscle quality in a quick and non-invasive manner.
  • Efficient smartphone app: The app works well on most iOS and Android devices and it enables you to keep track of your fitness.
  • Accurate measurement: EIM technology provides more accurate measurement of muscle quality and body fat than bioelectrical impedance analysis.
  • The software has a few bugs, however some updates have been made and the bugs do not affect the basic functionality of the software.
  • May be a bit expensive for some users.

Surpahs Sense-ON Digital Bathroom Scale

Surpahs-Sense-ONThe Surpahs Sense-ON monitor is a versatile fitness tracking tool that measures up to 6 different fitness parameters. In addition to using updated bio impedance analysis (BIA), this body composition scale also has a unique Sense-ON technology that instantly recognizes your intention to use the machine and comes on immediately without pressing any button. With the capacity to handle data for multiple users, this award winning device can serve as a weighing scale for both individual and family use. Here is a detailed review that reveals the unique features of this efficient fitness tracking device.

The Sense-ON has an ultra-slim design that is 0.7″ (18mm) thick. This slick award-winning low profile design makes it an excellent addition to your bathroom. With the 12.25″ square glass platform that takes a maximum weight of 397 pounds, you can stand on this scale to measure your body weight and fat percentage quickly and easily. Powered by up-to-date BIA technology with 4 electrodes, you can use it to get a fairly accurate estimate of your body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and body water. All these figures are displayed on a 3.5 LCD backlit screen for fast and convenient reading.

Setting up is quite easy because of the simple and clear instructions. The Sense-ON can accommodate up to 8 user profiles. So you need to input your age, height and gender to use one of the user profiles. With the auto recognition technology, the scale automatically comes on and goes off when you step on it or take your feet off. To improve the accuracy of the measurements, you need to stand on it with bare feet. In fact, you can enhance the operation of the sensors by wiping the glass surface with a damp cloth or by stepping on it with damp feet.

With the 4 electrodes you can expect more accurate results from it. However, since the BIA technology works with your body water, it is important to be adequately hydrated before you use the scale. BIA is an inexpensive and relatively reliable method for estimating and tracking your body fat levels and it has both normal and athlete’s mode, which is designed for runners and athletes. You can even improve the accuracy of the readings by taking measurements consistently at a fixed time of the day either in the morning or evening. To avoid inaccurate measurements, you should avoid using the scale within 30 minutes after eating a heavy meal or within 2 hours after every rigorous exercise.

  • Quick Operation: One of the simplest and fastest weighing scales you can use. You can get your weight and five other fitness parameters within a few seconds.
  • Easy to Setup: Setting up a new profile is simple and intuitive. The lithium batteries that power this device come with it, so you can start using the scale within a few minutes after you open the package.
  • Attractive Design: The design is so elegant and attractive that it won a Reddot Design award.
  • Bold Display: The bold LCD display enables adults from 18 – 85 to see their weight and other fitness parameters clearly.
  • Auto ON and OFF: True to its name, this device comes on automatically when you step on it and it goes off after you step off. You do not need to press any power switch to activate it.
  • Due to the limitations of the BIA technology, you have to take your measurements when you are adequately hydrated and preferably early in the morning before you take your breakfast.
  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone app that can help you to monitor your body fitness stats on the go.
  • To track your progress towards your fitness goals, you need to keep a manual record of your fitness data and do trend analysis by yourself.

Buying Guide

What Are Body Fat Scales?

At present, an increasing number of individuals are concerned regarding their body fat percentage and an instantaneous reading is provided by the scales which shows the exact amount. These devices have helped people evaluate their fitness as well as diet endeavors. It is possible for you to figure out whether your workouts are giving you the desired results or whether your diet is proving to be useful for your body with the help of these scales which can read the fat composition of the body accurately.

Why Do I Need It?

Unfortunately, we have not come across any significant change on the scale despite the fact that this is still a wonderful way to figure out your progress. In fact, weight loss is not the same as fat loss. For instance, although an obsolete scale might show a weight loss of 30 pounds, it will not be sufficient for alerting you to any significant modification in your body composition. In fact, you might have actually lost a considerable amount of body fat and still, a scale might not show any weight loss.

On the flip side, you will be able to comprehend the positive as well as negative changes in your physic with the help of the contemporary scales which will show these in statistical form. Below we have mentioned some essential metrics offered by these scales:

  1. Percentage & Body Composition: It is the amount of fat within your system. Usually, men carry less body fat as compared to women.
  2. Visceral Fat: There are mainly three types of fat, namely intramuscular, visceral as well as subcutaneous. As a matter of fact, the visceral fat is considered to be the most hazardous since it affects our health directly and is also not easy to measure.
  3. Muscle Mass: It consists of the skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles as well as the water present inside these muscles.
  4. Body Water Percentage: Water constitutes a significant portion of our system. It is extremely essential to remain hydrated which will enhance our overall performance and also get rid of waste materials from our system.
  5. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): You are going to burn calories faster in case your BMR tends to be on the higher side.
  6. Bone Mass: It is a measurement of the mineral density of your bones and provides an overview of your general bone health.
  7. Body Mass Index (BMI): Here you have to divide your weight in kgs by the square of your height in meters.

What to Look For In Body Fat Scales?

  1. Accuracy: You’ll find quite a few scales featuring an amazing amount of metrics. Nevertheless, in case the scale is unreliable, these metrics will be of no use at all. Figuring out the percentage is one of the important objectives of some of these scales. You need to ensure that the reading is correct prior to thinking about other things.
  2. Additional Metrics: In case it falls within your budget, you should opt for a scale which provides information on body water percentage, bone mass, metabolic age, personal metabolic age as well as visceral fat measurements. It will be extremely beneficial in terms of evaluating your overall health.
  3. Price: It is a surprising fact that you will come across scales at a very inexpensive rate which can perform everything that the expensive ones can do. Consequently, don’t always try to purchase those with big name brands or those that are costly.
  4. Technology: Although it depends on your personal choice, it is suggested to go for a scale featuring a Wi-Fi connection. These products will help you track your progress in the form of graphs and charts.

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