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Best Brooks Running Shoes

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Looking for the best Brooks running shoes your money can buy? Than just take a quick look over the table below and read as well the detailed reviews. I’m sure they will reveal to you what you’re looking for.

Best Brooks Running Shoes 2018

#1Brooks Launch 3 Check Price
#2Brooks Ghost 8 Check Price
#3Brooks Beast 14 Check Price
#4Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Check Price
#5Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Check Price
#6Brooks Beast 16 Check Price
#7Brooks Addiction 12 Check Price
#8Brooks Ghost 9 Check Price

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Brooks Launch 3

The Brooks Launch 3 are truly amazing, because the company reintroduced these running shoes as a result of consumer pressure after they discontinued the previous pair. They couldn’t possibly launch them in its original form so they threw in a whole bunch of upgrades and as a result these shoes maintain its legacy of being a neutral lightweight trainer that is an excellent option for both long and short distance runners.

Given the fact that they are one of the cheapest running shoes in its segment, it is very surprising to see that the overall construction still remains rather high quality. Nowhere do you get the impression that low grade materials have been used or corners being cut to save on the manufacturing costs. And beyond a doubt, this shows up in the final performance of these running shoes.

Take the outsole for instance. Not only is the bottom part highly durable, it comes with HPR plus, a high abrasion resistant rubber that is located in the heel and a material which is responsible for providing an extra sense of traction. At the same time, the HPR plus prevents excessive wear and tear of the heel as well. The traction it provides is rather impressive, so much so that even on wet surfaces, you are unlikely to counter a feeling of slipperiness.

Speaking of durability, a big part of the credit for that goes to the Blown Rubber that encompasses the outer sole of the Brooks Launch 3. It is rather prominent in the forefoot and provides an added sense of flexibility and responsiveness to the runner. The running shoes are not too stiff so that you may find it uncomfortable and neither is it too elastic so as to lose grip. It is flexible just to the right amount.A custom cushion design called Cush Pod is what provides the comfort and lets you enjoy a rather effective heel to toe transition. The Cush Pod is not just restricted to the outer sole as it is present in the mid sole as well.

The mid sole however is most famous for the full length BioMoGo DNA design that offers adaptive cushioning that adapts in accordance with the amount of force that is placed on it. The BioMoGo runs along the complete length of the mid sole and is astonishingly, made from bio degradable materials making it very environment friendly. So when you combine the Cush Pod technology along with the BioMoGo, you get adaptive cushioning that ensures that you never get hurt, no matter how bad or forceful the landing. At the same time the heel to toe transition ensures that the strides you take are smooth and swift. But where the Launch 3 really stand apart from others in the segment is with its energy returns that are without a doubt higher than its competitors. No wonder then that these running shoes are so preferred by even long distance runners.

The Brooks running shoes can incorporate a hundred different innovative technologies that allow you to run faster, provide great energy returns and bottom cushioning, but if your foot is not completely comfortable while residing inside then it will be as good as nothing. The most important factor when it comes to comfort is the ability for your feet to be able to breathe. If your feet are not feeling the air, then not only will you sweat a lot, you will also not enjoy the run or be able to run for a long period of time.

No such worries with the Brooks Launch 3, mostly because of the air mesh upper sole that is made with materials that allow your feet to breathe adequately. The air mesh also keeps your feet cool and dry and frankly speaking, it is quite impressive how you don’t feel the least semblance of sweating. The traditional sockliner in conjunction with the Synthetic Overlays ensure a snug fit that is comfortable at the same time. Again, they feels secure when you put it on without feeling too tight. At no point will you feel the pair ‘slipping away’ in the middle of a run.

For people who frequently come across pronation problems, there is no need to worry as the DRB Accel technology provides plenty of support to the medial arch, ensuring that pronation problems are properly addressed and a smooth transition is provided for every step that you take. The men’s version weighs at 278 gram while the women’s version is 224 grams. No surprises here as they have always been marketed as a rather lightweight running shoes and it stays true to that claim with its superior performance. The fitting is rather precise too and you can go ahead and order your natural foot size without worrying about the fit.

  • Lightweight
  • Efficient energy return
  • Heel and forefront cushioning
  • Right amount of stiffness
  • Great breathability
  • Very stylish
  • Abrasion resistance rubber provides durability
  • Adapts to the shape of your foot
  • For hard runners, the cushioning can seem a bit too much.

Brooks Ghost 8

brooks-ghost-8The Brooks Ghost 8 are excellent neutral road running shoes that provides comfort and protection while enhancing your speed on the track. With the range of new technologies included, such as the Element technology in the upper construction, the Advanced DNA in the midsole, and the HPR Plus in the outer sole, you will definitely enjoy the improved comfort and performance offered by these running shoes.

To enhance airflow to your feet, the upper includes the breathable Element Mesh as well as the Element Linings which are joined underneath with a seamless design. The mesh not only makes your feet feel a gush of air while running, it is also moisture resistant. So your feet will remain cool, dry and comfortable even after you have been running for many hours.

To provide a snug fit, the Brooks Ghost 8 also has synthetic overlays. These overlays make you feel secure no matter how fast you choose to run. For long lasting comfort, the collar and tongue have Nu Foam. This kind of foam is not only durable but it is also soft enough to prevent any form of soreness around the ankle or on the ridge of your feet.

The midsole is packed with different technological innovations to offer you adequate cushioning, comfort and improved performance, great for runners who suffer from shin splints. Just above the cushioning of the midsole, you will see the Profile Sockliner – a soft material that provides great comfort for the underfoot and also prevents sweat and irritation, especially when you don’t wear socks. For maximum cushioning, the Adaptable MoGo DNA material runs from the heel to the forefoot in the Ghost 8. This biodegradable material adapts to your foot, your weight, size and running style, giving you a very smooth transition while you run.

Also, in the midsole of the Brooks Ghost 8, there is the Cushsole S-257, which provides good step-in comfort. As you run, the segmented crash pad in the heel and mid-foot will offer your foot protection and stability by acting as a shock absorber and reducing the impact when you land. Finally, in the midsole section of these Brooks running shoes, you can find the Omega Flex Grooves, which are connected directly to the outsole. These grooves improve the flexibility and provide an additional cushioning effect.

The Brooks Ghost 8 have a durable outsole made of HPR Plus. This high performance rubber material is abrasion resistant and it offers adequate traction and grip to ensure that you can run on smooth and slippery surfaces as well as dry areas. This material is also very strong. It enhances the durability of these running shoes and prevents any form of damage due to excessive wear. These running shoes have blown rubber in the middle and forefoot section to improve flexibility and responsiveness to enhance your movement and prevent soreness. For a balanced heel to toe transition, they have an Engineered Cush Pod design in the outsole.

  • Plenty of Cushioning: Lightweight cushioning, which provides support, comfort and protection without hindering your performance.
  • Smooth Transition: These running shoes have a splendid heel to toe transition that helps to improve your performance.
  • Sweat-free Feet: The upper construction has overlaid mesh material that resists moisture and prevents sweat from making your feet irritable and uncomfortable.
  • Flexibility: Blown rubber and flex grooves on the outsole makes them easier to bend when running.
  • Responsiveness: The Advanced DNA technology used in the midsole responds to your unique way of running and enables you to exert less effort as you run faster.
  • Comfort: Every major section makes the feet more comfortable such that you can wear them, focus on your running and even forget that you are wearing shoes.
  • Stiffness: Initially, they may seem stiff, but after covering a few miles, they adapt to your feet.
  • Higher price: These running shoes are more expensive than some other road running shoes for neutral pronators but the advanced technology, comfort and durability offer more value than the price you pay.

Brooks Beast 14

The Brooks Beast 14 have been ranked as some of the best running shoes in the world for a long time and constantly get the highest ratings and have an impressive feedback. At the same time, they are well-made, and have great features and they even look modern and nice.

The manufacturer spends a lot of time, research and used the best material, durability must be mentioned. Despite the fact the price may be higher, the Brooks Beast 14 will last longer than similar models, so they are a wise investment as well. In general, if you like forming an attachment with your shoes, choosing this model may be the best choice.

Arch support is another feature you want on your running shoes. It makes any running shoe better and more effective, no matter do you have flat feet or not. The Beast 14 offers the best arch support you can get at this moment, so if you need to deal with motion control, this model is again the best choice. Thanks to this addition, your running will be more comfortable, the risk form an injury will be reduced and your foot will be held strictly in place. If you like running on rough terrain, this feature is even more important.

The Bio Mo Go And Brooks DNA are responsible for shock absorption and they are more important than you may think. In general they will absorb any type of vibration and stress, gained from the surface, so your food can enjoy in high comfort. Keep in mind that shock absorption is a very important feature if you have flat feet, simply because it reduces the stress on your ankle and feet in general. The latest features make these Brooks running shoes one of the best choices and they should be taken into account, when you choose the Beast 14.

Foot sweating is the most common issue all running shoes have. It happens due to the fact your foot is in air tight space and the temperature is high. However, the manufacturer developed new systems and features that can make this issue a thing of the past. Thanks to it, your feet won’t sweat and the temperature inside will be lower in the Brooks Beast 14. Due to the fact this addition affects the number of bacteria, reproducing on your feet, and reduces the risk of bacterial infection, it is more important than you can imagine.

  • Stability is improved and it is much better than similar models have to offer.
  • The comfort is at the highest level. Due to the fact the manufacturer used new cushioning system.
  • Lightweight.
  • The sweating of your feet will be reduced, therefore the bad odor will be reduced as well.
  • Arch support is probably one of the best in this class.
  • The durability is probably the best you can get at this moment.
  • A narrow fit.
  • The heel is a bit higher than people prefer.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

brooks-adrenaline-gts-16The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 are superb stability road running shoes for runners who need to reduce over-pronation. It may also be used on the track or gravel where it is easier to train. These running shoes have superior durability, arch support and cushioning.

The upper sole in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 has various layers and materials designed to offer you exceptional comfort while you run. The Element Mesh is a synthetic mesh material that is breathable and water resistant. It ensures that your feet don’t become soaked in sweat or become uncomfortable if you are running in wet conditions. The new lacing system makes the lacing pressure even to give you a snug fit and the unique 3D Fit Print adds a lightweight, comfortable and flexible fit without any seams. Also, in this new upper construction, you can find element lining that provides additional comfort for your underfoot as an adjustable saddle construction.

The midsole is packed with the latest technologies from Brooks that give you a stable and responsive ride without sacrificing stability. Since the GTS 16 are built for stability, the essence of all the technologies used in the midsole is to provide comfort, good arch support and a better response as you run. The primary midsole material is the triple-density BioMoGo. It runs through the entire length and has two cushioning gels known as the rear foot and forefoot DNA.

The two sections are made of a viscous liquid that becomes hard or more fluid depending on your biomechanics and environmental conditions. These serve as a type of smart technology that gives you the right response based on your pace, foot movement and weight. To reduce pronation, the midsole has a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. To enhance flexibility, there are Omega Flex Grooves which are directly linked to the outer sole’s Omni Grooves. For additional comfort, the midsole also has a Profile Sockliner.

The outsole of these Brooks running shoes are nearly flat under-surface which makes them great for plantar fasciitis runners. It only has a standard threading system because they are only meant to be used for road running and not trail running. The outsole is built with a combination of technologies that offer protection without reducing the flexibility and comfort. For instance, blown rubber makes them more flexible while keeping it very responsive. This blown rubber is also abrasion resistant and allows you to use these running shoes for a long time without damage or wear. HPR Plus runs through the entire length and gives you adequate traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces while the Omni Grooves also increase flexibility.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 are designed for stability and strong support that can help you to reduce pronation. It is not designed for speed so it is a little bit heavier than many other road runners. However, if you are just starting to run regularly and you need running shoes to train on the pavement or treadmill than these running shoes will be suitable for you.

  • Pronation Correction: The DRB Accel shank in the midsole aids the correction of over pronation.
  • Good Transition: Heel to toe transitions are enhanced by the midsole design.
  • Better Shock Absorption: The Omni Grooves in the midsole and outsole provide better shock absorption.
  • Comfortable Interior: Very plush and comfortable feeling when you wear them.
  • Good Traction: The threading and grooves of the outsole offer good grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Durability: All parts from the mesh upper to the outsole are durable and wear resistant.
  • The heel could be a lot more comfortable if it had more cushioning.
  • The shoe requires a few runs for the feet to adapt thus it may feel a bit stiff for some casual runners.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

brooks-adrenaline-gts-17Brooks modified their well-known Adrenaline collection with improvements which paid attention to what joggers had to state regarding the previous model. With the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 they have accomplished that. The v-groove outsole is exceedingly soft and it was not like anything they have experienced earlier. The modern diagonal roll bar which can guide the feet back to a standard motion trail even at greater speeds also underwent spectacular modifications. This does make the footwear an absolute necessity for joggers of every skill level. The brand new Adrenaline GTS 17 is exactly what you’ve been waiting for in case you are searching for extremely comfy running shoes. The overall padding, steadiness, and control are something that Brooks has done impeccably. The brand new BioMoGo DNA material which delivers adequate extra cushioning underfoot, in addition to a midsole saddle which can be personalized to every single runner individually, provides the runner with a much more trusted fit.

Brooks Beast 16

brooks-beast-16The Brooks Beast 16 are motion control running shoes designed to meet the needs of runners who need support and stability. lt has a well-cushioned midsole for optimum responsiveness. Its comfortable interior and attractive upper design make it ideal for both daily training and gym workouts.

In the upper unit, the Element Mesh provides sufficient ventilation and wicks out sweat to cool the foot. Seamless synthetic overlays work in tandem with the lacing system to keep your foot secure. However, the foot chamber and color scheme have been redesigned to fit masculine feet. In the interior, the Element Lining technology provides a comfortable environment for the foot and helps to prevent odor.

Brooks uses the Super DNA material in the midsole because it is their best cushioning system. Shortly after you put your foot into these Brooks running shoes, the Super DNA material conforms to your foot’s shape. To correct over-pronation, a triple density foam helps the foot to attain a stable gait while running or walking. The DRB Accel technology has also been added to decrease underfoot muscle strain and reduce fatigue.

In the outsole, a combination of materials have been arranged to deliver optimum durability and motion control. MC Pod configuration guarantees that your foot rests on a supportive, stable and comfortable platform. HPR Plus rubber at the heel section of the outsole provides high abrasion resistance and excellent surface traction. HPR Green offers skid-resistance and good traction on both wet and dry surfaces while Flextra enhances the flexibility of the sole.

Brooks Addiction 12

brooks-addiction-12The Brooks Addiction 12 is a well-built road running shoe designed to provide perfect stability for severe over pronators. Unlike other running shoes that focus solely on trail running, these running shoes are suitable for runners who need to stabilize their running on the track. Although they are not as light as others, it provides perfect motion control and support for runners.

The upper of the Brooks Addiction 12 is made up of a unique blend of synthetic overlays and suede. The suede gives them a nice and attractive appearance while the synthetic overlays enhance breathability and moisture control. The breathable Element Mesh covers most of the upper from the forefoot to the heel. It provides a constant flow of air into the running shoes while you run so that your feet will remain dry and comfortable.

Together with the Microfiber Overlays, the Element Mesh helps to keep the Addiction 12 dry even when you run in wet conditions. To provide a snug fit while running, the upper of these Brooks running shoes have an asymmetric design that moves along with your feet and offers increased flexibility. To complement the comfortable snug fit of the upper, there is a removable contoured insole, known as the Lite Ultimate Sockliner, which offers you superior comfort underfoot and support that is as good as using ortothic inserts.

The superior cushioning system can be found in the midsole. The HydroFlow, a well established cushioning system, can be found below the heel section. This feature consists of a system of shock absorbers that gives your feet enhanced shock absorption. The primary cushioning system in the midsole of the Brooks Addiction 12 is, however, the BioMoGo foam that runs through the whole midsole from the heel to the forefoot. This technology is the fulfillment of Brooks’ promise to run green and create environmentally-friendly shoes.

This is the first biodegradable midsole material and it permits anaerobic bacteria to decompose them at a very rapid rate. Also, in the midsole, you can enjoy the unique DNA technology. This technology provides a near perfect balance between shock absorption and energy feedback. The DNA technology consists of a viscous liquid that acts like a dynamic elastic spring. Depending on your speed, weight and biomechanics, the fluid changes its characteristics by becoming harder or softer.

The outsole is similar to the outsole found in other Brooks running shoes. You will see the well known HBR plus, a durable abrasion-resistant material that provides excellent traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The MC Pod configuration is available in the outsole and midsole. It stabilizes your foot, improves motion control, and encourages a smooth heel to toe transition. To help you correct your gait while running, Brooks has made the outsole robust and reinforced it so that as you strike the ground, you will not feel any discomfort in your heel or ankle.

  • Perfect Stability: Designed to offer superior stability to all runners but with particular emphasis on those who need better motion control due to severe over pronation.
  • Adaptive Cushioning: The amazing Brooks DNA technology provides adaptive cushioning that reduces the amount of energy you use to run while offering efficient shock absorption.
  • Smooth Heel to Toe Transition: In the midsole, there is a segmented crash pad that provides you with a smooth heel to toe transition.
  • Comfortable Construction: The entire shoes, from the breathable upper to the well cushioned midsole and durable outsole, gives you great comfort while you run.
  • Extra Room for the Forefoot: If you have broad feet, you will treasure the roomy toe-box.
  • The running shoes are slightly heavier than many others, but the weight is justified by the purpose of the shoes – to provide maximum stability and correct over pronation.
  • The cost is higher than other road runners but the additional price is justified by the unique technology provided by Brooks.

Brooks Ghost 9

Brooks-Ghost-9The awesome Ghost 9, which happens to be an updated version of the Ghost series from Brooks, is attributed for providing protective cushioning along with extra flexibility plus firm support needed runners. Moreover, these running shoes also offer a brand-new luxurious interior as well as a refined mesh upper for delivering a supportive, seamless and adaptable fit which feels much lighter underfoot. Also there is extra room created for the wide feet runner. There is also a removable and contoured BioMogo DNA insole cushioning from the heel to the toe, while a softer feel is provided in every single stride with the presence of the BioMogo DNA midsole. Besides this, the Segmented Crash Pad present in the midsole helps to absorb shock and also promote a smoother transition from the heel to the toe. The forefoot of the midsole features Omega Flex Grooves which helps in maintaining the cushioning for a better stride. A cool and dry foot environment is maintained by the introduction of the Breathable Element mesh upper. Additionally, the sprinters can enjoy a durable grip with the help of the HPR Plus rubber outsole.

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