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Best Cross Training Shoes

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If you’re a cross runner, you are well aware of the struggles finding the right training shoes. Right?

It is very important not to confuse cross training with cross country running. In fact, the term actually implies the combination of different types of workouts consisting of swimming, cycling, running, strength training and so on. The main benefits happen to be the development of strength and flexibility in our muscles which we do not use while sprinting.

In the next section we will be talking about the top 8 best cross training shoes.

Best Cross Training Shoes 2018

#1Reebok Crossfit Nano 6.0 Check Price
#2Puma Cell Riaze Check Price
#3Adidas Powerlift 3 Check Price
#4Skechers Equalizer 2.0 Check Price
#5Inov-8 F-Lite 250 Check Price
#6Nike Free TR Flyknit Check Price
#7Adidas Adipure 360.3 Check Price
#8Asics Gel-Fit Sana Check Price

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Reebok Crossfit Nano 6.0

Reebok-Crossfit-Nano-6.0This amazing footwear happens to be one of the most recent cross training shoes manufactured by Reebok. The important highlight of the Nano’s 6.0 is the enhanced heel cushioning which is a significant improvement from that of Nano 5. The appearance of the Nano 6 is simply astounding and you will come across quite a few shades when it comes to the design of this footwear. Optimum protection is being offered by the inner footwear thanks to Kevlar Rope which is ideal for rope climbing. Excellent traction, as well as stability, is provided by the outsole which is almost similar to that of the Nano 5. Moreover, Nano 6 is also known for being breathable as well as comfy and although there is no possibility for the foot to slip around the inner footwear you’ll find sufficient space for breathing. Besides this, you will also be offered a superior arch support by the breathtaking Nano 6. Your feet will get an additional layer of comfort thanks to the extra thickness of the inner tongue as compared to that of the previous model.

Puma Cell RiazePuma-Cell-Riaze

Puma is well known for manufacturing some of the top quality and high-performance cross running shoes. This trend has been continued with the amazing Puma Cell Riaze which is intended for both men as well as women. Apart from fitting comfortably, this footwear also offers additional cushioning as well as a breathable mesh which enables your feet to remain cool by receiving adequate air supply. One drawback with the Puma Cell Riaze is that its size is a bit small as compared to most of the other cross trainers out there which might cause some issue for several athletes. Otherwise, this shoe will prove to be fantastic because of the useful features that come with it. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Apart from featuring a revolutionary EcoOrtholite footbed, the Puma Cell Riaze also comes with an innovative AirMesh upper lining which helps to remove any smell from the interior of the shoe while allowing it to stay dry and cool.
  • There is also a combination of EverTrack and EverRide rubber outsole which offers improved traction plus additional cushioning for the athletes.
  • The presence of the breathtaking 10Cell heel cushioning helps to enhance the absorption of shock on any impact. Another important feature happens to be the ArchTec TPU Shank which offers additional stability to the footwear whether you are running or walking.

Although you will not fall short of any cross trainer out there, the Puma Cell Riaze is definitely a fantastic option which is also quite affordable. In a nutshell, the footwear can be rightly described as fashionable, comfortable and resilient.

Adidas Powerlift 3Adidas-Powerlift-3

The Adidas Powerlift 3 can boast of 3 primary components which have contributed significantly to make them superior to most out there. These components are as follows:

  • An elevated heel
  • A durable and solid base
  • A metatarsal strap

This footwear is able to tackle almost any level of weight which is thrown at it. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to manage the smallest amounts of sprinting, jumping and also rope climbing. Nevertheless, it is quite affordable as compared to most of the other ones on the market.

The other significant benefits offered by this shoe are as follows:

  • Additional comfort, as well as ankle support, is being provided by this footwear thanks to the lightweight leather upper.
  • Additional breathability is offered by the innovative air mesh design.
  • High-density midsole.
  • A low heel-to-toe drop helps to make it appropriate for weight lifting.
  • It is ideal for all types of powerlifting activities because of the extremely stable platform.

In short, it can be rightly asserted that affordability, as well as innovativeness, has helped the Powerlift 3 to stay ahead of its competitors.

Skechers Equalizer 2.0skechers-Equalizer-2.0

Gorgeous appearance and high performance have made the Sketchers Equalizer 2.0 of the best cross training shoes out there. It will help you almost anywhere whether you happen to be in the fitness center or while you are strolling in the park. The midsole comes with an innovative EVA foam rubber which provides extreme comfort while running or even working out. Moreover, the shoe is also known for its ability to absorb shock during impact. Additional cushioning helps to make this footwear extremely comfy thanks to the cushioned collar as well as an innovative memory foam insole. The shoe is available in red and black accents and also with a combination of neon green and gray which makes it really attractive. Furthermore, your feet are going to remain cool thanks to the mesh ventilation and mesh upper. The improved heel, toe, and side panels are responsible for providing you with stability and confidence while using it. On top of this, the incredible Equalizer 2.0 is also quite affordable that will definitely fit within your budget.

Inov-8 F-Lite 250

Inov-8-F-lite-250The Inov-8 F-Lite 250 happens to be the most recent release in the F-lite series which is well known for its versatile design. High performance and attractive design have made it one of the most popular cross training footwear among athletes. They provide you with an outstanding breathable mesh along with an impeccable midfoot construction helping you to move safely as well as quickly. The innovative EVA midsole helps in flawless shock absorption as well. Exceptional stability is offered by the cutting edge Powerheel construction particularly while you are lifting weights.

Important features of the Inov-8 F-lite 250:

  • Fantastic breathable upper
  • Midfoot construction offers optimum speed while running
  • Ideal for box jumps as well as weightlifting
  • EVA midsole helps in absorption of shock while providing comfort
  • Flawless stability is offered by Powerheel while lifting weights

Nike Free TR Flyknit

Nike-Free-TR-FlyknitThe TR Flyknit from Nike is undoubtedly a fantastic choice when it comes to cross training. It provides us with adequate comfort as well as support thanks to a seamless upper which integrates areas of ventilation, stretch, and support wherever needed and it helps your feet to feel incredibly light in weight by contouring to your foot’s shape. A revolutionary Auxetic Tri-Star pattern is offered by the rubber outsole which flexes with the feet so that they are able to make natural movements while the reinforced rubber, as well as rubber pods, reaches to the outsole’s sides thus providing traction and stability during any side-to-side motion.


  • The shoes offer a supportive and breathable fit which helps you immensely.
  • Irritations are minimized significantly thanks to the presence of the seamless knit upper
  • Enhanced lateral support is provided by the cutting edge Nike Flywire cables which integrate properly with the lacing
  • Additional comfort is also offered by the inner sleeve present in the forefoot
  • The outsole has got reinforced rubber which helps to improve the resilience
  • During any lateral movement, additional grip and stability is provided by the rubber outsole pods

Adidas Adipure 360.3

Adidas-Adipure-360.3The amazing Adipure 360.3 is well known for offering outstanding flexibility as well as additional comfort along with lateral stability plus support. These shoes also provide you with adequate padding as well as protection that is required during the strenuous workouts while side by side movement is vital. Interestingly, you will come across a wider range of colors when it comes to cross training shoes which mention may be made of bright shades like Silver, Flash Red, Shock Pink, Halo Yellow and so on and also some darker shades like Grey Metallic, Black, and Midnight Grey. Moreover, the Adipure 360.3 includes a white rubber sole which provides flexibility as well as stability. You will also come across a soft stretch mesh upper which is seamless along with a soft fabric lining on the interior providing a fantastic light fit. The tongue, as well as the backdrop is somewhat prolonged which enables the collar to hug your ankle while performing the workouts.

One plus point of this shoe is that it is quite lightweight unlike many of the others out there. You will not even realize that you have actually put them on thanks to the unbelievable softness within the shoe which also assists in making difficult and fast movements.

Because of the superior flexibility that is provided by the shoe, you will be able to make a wide range of movements in almost every direction while running. A natural and smooth ride is going to be offered by the sole of the shoe which is able to bend properly because of the innovative flex groove construction. Athletes are going to feel very natural thanks to the 4-way stretch mesh upper which can adjust with every type of movement.

On top of this, the shoe also provides you with optimum breathability because of the innovative stretchable mesh upper as well as the soft fabric lining inside the shoe.
In fact, the astounding Adipure 360.3 is ideal for any individual struggling with an injured foot thanks to the comfy support which it provides. The upper is covered with artificial polyurethane patches which make this footwear extremely durable. Furthermore, a resilient grip is also provided by the non-marking outsole made from rubber along with flex grooves.

It can also boast of a breathtaking PUREMOTION midsole that helps to provide optimum stability as well as efficiency. Maximum support is also offered by the versatile midfoot frame while performing virtually any workout.

Asics Gel-Fit Sana

Asics-Gel-Fit-SanaThe awesome Asics Gel-Fit Sana are reputed for offering a soft strike while making any movement with your foot. Thanks to a comfy and flexible sock liner this footwear can be easily worn without any socks at all while keeping the feet fresh. Any type of cross fit training can be performed because of the high absorption sole. You will be provided with a solid traction because of the innovative rubber sole which will assure you to remain stable without slipping. The revolutionary thickened midsole helps to minimize impact significantly during any type of motion. Due to its amazing lightweight design, the unprecedented Gel-Fit Sana is ideal for any type of activity in the fitness center. Furthermore, your feet are going to remain fresh and tidy because of the decent breathability offered by the footwear.


  • Comparatively more lightweight than other cross training shoes.
  • Flexible as well as comfy inner shoe.
  • Comparatively affordable than other shoes.
  • Fantastic cushioning system which helps in incredible shock absorption.
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