Best Fila Running Shoes

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Looking for the best Fila running shoes your money can buy? Then just take a quick look over the table below and read as well the detailed reviews. I’m sure they will reveal to you what you’re looking for.

Best Fila Running Shoes 2018

#1Fila Countdown Check Price
#2Fila Interstellar 2 Check Price
#3Fila Maranello Check Price
#4Fila Xtent 2 Check Price
#5Fila Memory Fresh 2 Check Price
#6Fila Swerve 3 Check Price

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Fila Countdown

Possibly one of the most successful running shoes are the Fila Countdown. They are great for runners who are looking for support for long mileage. The shoes are designed for long distance running because they keep athletes’ feet comfortable while they take on the miles. Read on to find more about the shoes features and other details.

The shoes feature uppers with synthetic leather and mesh nylon for enhanced support, breathability and lightweight. If you don’t have socks, you can run on them without feeling the discomfort that comes from stitching or fear of getting blisters. The heel area is well padded with a heel counter that makes the heel quite rigid. The overlays are sparsely applied allowing the forefoot and mid foot to fit fantastically. The midfoot part also fits securely. The toe parts allow the toes to spread well in the shoe without feeling cramped.

These Fila shoes come with segmented rubber soles that adapt to your landing. These soles also adapt to your heel-to-toe gait thus proving the ideal stability and ground contact. The biggest separation is in the heel where the medial part lies under a layer of the harder foam material while the external side lies under a layer of DNA mid sole. The idea behind this design is that depending on where you step, the shoe will compress immediately on the heel part to support your ankle.

They come with solid rubber out soles that offer both sturdiness and durability. The mid soles are designed from ethylene vinyl acetate, which provides cushioning and consistent feel. All these two soles offer lightweight comfort and support to the underfoot. Besides the soles, they come with sports lugs to offer increased traction over multiple surfaces.

If you look closely, you can see a small plastic shank just beneath the arch. This is a deliberate design to provide torsional stability. The design also ensures that running is perfectly stable and the shoe does not bend unnecessarily across its longitudinal axis.

They are really worth buying because of their comfort and light weight. The price is considered cheap compared to that of other running shoe brands. They are really nice running shoes if you are on a budget who wants to spend less but get the support that you will need.

  • Lace-up closure for a secure fit.
  • Breathable mesh upper with stylish synthetic overlays.
  • Lightweight rubber traction outsole and shock-absorbing midsole.
  • Padded tongue and collar for comfort.
  • Affordable compared to other brands.
  • Lighter than most stability shoes
  • Upper part is quite traditional.

Fila Interstellar 2

fila-interstellar-2The Fila Interstellar 2 is a sleek, attractive, and flexible set of running shoes designed to make regular running, jogging or walking, very rewarding and exciting. Its lightweight design and padded inner sole ensures that you enjoy a comfortable workout anytime you put on these shoes.

Fila excels in making durable and functional upper designs on all their running shoes and these shoes are not an exception. With a combination of synthetic leather and nylon mesh, they offer a breathable and stable upper section for superior comfort. You can wear them all day for work or training and you will not feel any discomfort or irritation.

The Fila shoes have a properly aligned flex design. You can verify this by holding with your two hands and bending the front tip of the shoe. You will notice that it bends at the place where the balls of your feet are located. It is very important to buy a shoe with a properly aligned flex because a misaligned flex can cause plantar fasciitis or arch pain.

They have a padded mid-sole made of EVA – ethylene vinyl acetate. Fila must have chosen this material because it is both tough and elastic. It acts as an effective shock absorbing interface between your feet and the outer sole. So you will not feel any pain when you step on an uneven, hard or soft surface while running or walking. The EVA material is also water-resistant.

They have a relatively flat inner sole. The shoes will therefore be suitable for runners with flat feet. If you are a runner who does not need much arch support, these shoes will fit the bill. However, if you love the design and you need extra support for your arch, you can buy inner soles with a thicker arch and replace the original ones.

The rubber outer sole was designed to provide effective grip and stability while you run. With its superior traction, the sole makes your running safer and more comfortable. The threaded outer sole will prevent you from slipping on very smooth, wet or slippery surfaces. The shoes will also enable you to walk smoothly on very rough path. Although these shoes are not the typical trail shoes, they will enable to run or walk comfortably on paved roads.

With sufficient space around your feet and the 2” heel design, they provide such a comfortable fit that you may easily forget that you are wearing running shoes. That is why they can be worn all day for training, work or leisure. Although they come in many sizes (about 13 sizes – from size 7 to size 14), you may discover that they fit small.

    • Comfort: They are extremely comfortable. You will not feel any pain even after you have worn them for a whole day and your feet have become slightly bigger.
    • Lightweight: Made from lightweight materials that enhance your running speed without sacrificing support and stability.
    • Moderate Arch Support: The amount of arch support provided by the mid-sole makes the shoes suitable for a wide range of users.
    • Multi-purpose: You can use them for running outdoors, for working out in the gym or for casual wear.
    • Multiple size and color options: they come in four different color combinations and there is a size that will fit virtually everyone that wants to own a pair.
  • The shoes fit small so you may need to order for a larger size, especially if you have very wide feet.
  • Designed for everyday use but not for high intensity training or trail running. Hence, they may not last as long as expected when they are stretched to the limit.

Fila Maranello

With the Fila Maranello, Fila have found the perfect balance between ultimate comfort and usability. For over a century, they have continued to top the world of footwear with their high quality shoes. Like the rest of their footwear designed specifically for sporting events, the shoes have been exceptionally engineered to ensure that your feet get the ultimate comfort every time you step in them.

The color and the stylishly contemporary design will be the first thing that catches your eye. Available in textile, leather or synthetic material, they are the epitome of fashion. Furthermore, they wonderfully incorporate aesthetic appeal with performance. So regardless of how good the shoes look, you should rest assured that the performance is just as good if not better. The vivid two-color gradient gives you the option of a wide range of colors to suit your taste. These shoes are available in gender specific colors, meaning you can get them in both women’s and men’s colors.

Anyone who follows a regular workout routine will tell you that comfortable shoes go a long way in ensuring that your workout is as productive as it is smooth. Fila takes your comfort seriously and they have made sure that they hold nothing back in ensuring that you get precisely what you pay for in terms of comfortability. The shoes come padded with ethylene vinyl acetate cushioning which ensures that your feet do not take the brunt of your active side of life. The shoes are perfect even for narrow feet as the cushioning fills up the spaces perfectly, resulting in a wonderfully comfortable experience.

A breathable material is basically one that is porous enough to allow the movement of air through it. The term can also be loosely used to refer to ventilation. Your running shoes are supposed to be breathable for obvious reasons. All that running and heat and buildup of moisture can be detrimental to the health of your feet if you invest in the wrong running shoes.

The shoes are once again on top of this problem. With the inclusion of mesh nylon on top of the main material, the shoe is not only made lighter but also has far greater breathability to ensure that your feet are not suffocated in the warm and moist interior. No one likes smelly feet and that’s why they have ensured that you are saved from these blushes by this thoughtful adjustment to their design.

The shoes are designed to last long. Their seams are properly joined and there is virtually no space left between pieces of material, making it incredibly difficult for the shoes to easily disintegrate. Furthermore, you can finally rid yourself of detached soles and the unexpected tears as you might have experienced from similar running shoes that are often even more expensive. You will not get more use out of a pair of running shoes than the Maranello are capable of.

They may look good and feel even better but how well do they perform? The answer is, exceptionally! They come with a non-marking rubber outsole that gives you maximum traction while running. What’s more, the rubber is very durable meaning that you do not have to constantly keep replacing your running shoes due to loss of grip.

  • Very affordable.
  • Highly durable.
  • They provide the highest level of comfort.
  • Beautifully designed with vibrant two color gradients.
  • Comfortably cut to support the entire foot during movement.
  • Not the best arch support.

Fila Xtent 2

The Fila Xtent 2 is designed for men and women and it is ideal for both fitness enthusiasts and regular runners as well as those who would like to wear them with informal dresses.

The upper section consists of leather, synthetic, mesh and other materials. The mesh enhances breathability so you will not experience any discomfort if you sweat a lot while running. You can wear them for a whole day without feeling any discomfort, at the end of the day, you will not return home with smelly feet. In addition, the combination of lightweight materials used in the upper section provides adequate support for your feet while running or walking.

These Fila shoes come with a well padded mid-sole made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). EVA is usually sintered to create a soft rubber-like material. However, EVA is tougher and more elastic than natural rubber. The EVA foam in the mid-sole of these shoes is waterproof and it also absorbs shock while you run. Thus, you will not feel pain if you step on a pebble, or an uneven surface while jogging.

These running shoes provide fairly good arch support. However, due to the relatively flat mid-sole, they are better suited for runners with a high or normal arch. If you do a wet footprint test and you discover that you have a strongly curved imprint or the heel and ball of your foot are barely connected, you have a high arch. These shoes will therefore provide adequate comfort and flexibility while you run. Runners with a narrow strip connecting the heel and ball of their feet have a normal arch and they should also be able to use these shoes.

Made of solid rubber, the non-marking outer sole is lightweight and durable. These shoes give adequate grip and traction while running. It also provides sufficient stability and safety when you run on wet or slippery surfaces. They work well on paved roads and paths, providing adequate flexibility and comfort. Occasionally, you can also use these shoes on a natural tail, dirt path or fire road.

  • Lightweight: Weighs less than 2 pounds. It helps you to run faster on a flat paved surface, especially when you need to beat a record.
  • Attractive: These shoes look nice and you can choose from any of the four designs with three different colors in each design.
  • Comfortable fit: Offers a comfortable fit for running, walking and casual wear.
  • Easy to wear: As long as you select the right size, the shoes are easy to wear and remove.
  • Good value for the price: Considering their low cost price, these shoes offer great value for their price.
  • The arch is a bit flat so it may not be ideal for people who need greater arch support.
  • The shoes are good for daily running or walking but to prolong their lifespan, it is not advisable to use them for high intensity training.

Fila Memory Fresh 2

fila-memory-fresh-2The Fila Memory Fresh 2 is an attractive and comfortable shoe designed to provide fairly good cushioning for every day training and short distance running. The synthetic mesh in the upper and injection molded EVA foam in the midsole offer superior breathability and adequate cushioning for short distance running and walking. If you need a low cost pair of shoes to walk for a couple of miles or to jog at dawn or at dusk, this shoes will hold up well.

The upper section of the Fila Swerve 3 is made of synthetic mesh and with leather overlays. Although it has internal stitches, they are quite comfortable. Within a few days of use, your feet will adapt to them. The mesh in the upper provides excellent airflow and helps to keep your feet cool and comfortable. The exceptional ventilation makes them a great walking shoe for the hot summer weather.

To provide a snug fit, they have a fairly straight forefoot which is ideal for users with relatively thin feet. The sizing is quite precise so if you have wide feet, you may need to order for one size larger than your normal size. In addition, the upper section has a sock liner and a lace-up closure that gives a secure fit while the padded tongue and collar provide additional comfort.

The shoes derive its name from the memory foam included in the midsole. Memory foam is a special type of foam produced with viscoelastic material. This material is soft and it has the ability to absorb and release energy. The memory foam included in this shoe molds itself in the shape of your foot in response to pressure and heat, helping to distribute your body weight evenly.

The memory foam makes this shoe is an excellent choice for people who have certain foot-related ailments. It is also suitable for those who are trying to recover quickly after surgery. That is why people who are prone to developing plantar fasciitis can use this shoe with medical insoles. The insoles that came with this shoe are perfect for runners who don’t require strong cushioning. However, you if you find the shoe’s insole inadequate for aggresive training, you can take it out and replace it with a more suitable brand.

The lightweight non-marking rubber outsole offers good traction and durability. The sole has a simple and relatively thin minimalist design. But the shoes seems to have more padding in the heel area than at the forefoot. So it will be more suitable for runners who are heel strikers. The non-marking sole makes this shoe suitable for cross training. This means that you will be able to use this shoe in the gym, on the tracks, on the road, and at work.

  • Versatile: Easily serve as a cross training shoe because it can be used for jogging, running, walking, and in the gym.
  • Low Price: This shoe has a very low and affordable price which makes it attractive to people who are operating with a tight budget.
  • Lightweight: The outsole, midsole and upper are all made of materials that make the shoe feel very light and comfortable.
  • Fast break in time: It takes just a few days for the foot to get accustomed to the new feel of the shoes.
  • Comfort: These shoes are extremely comfortable, especially when you use them for walking. You can also put them on at work for 8 hours without feeling any strain or pain in your feet.
  • Memory foam: In the midsole, memory foam molds around your feet according to its contours.
  • Good ventilation: The synthetic nylon mesh in the upper section and the airy midsole provide good airflow that keeps your foot cool and dry while you run or walk with these shoes.
  • The arch support provided in the shoe could be improved to allow users that require greater support to use it without changing the insole.
  • The upper tends to wear out quickly when used every day for aggressive training so the material used for the upper could be reinforced for better durability.

Fila Swerve 3

fila-swerve-3The Fila Swerve 3 is probably your best choice when you are looking for great running shoes that come at a low price. They look fantastic and different than most models, especially those from the same price range. In any case, they are a great choice and they don’t have serious drawbacks. Keep in mind that these running shoes have more features than similar models and their build quality is much better.

Although the design isn’t the most important feature when it comes to running shoes, it has to be mentioned, simply because it is unique and it makes them even better. The design is based on the latest trends, so these Fila running shoes look modern and they can look perfectly no matter where and when you use them. Don’t forget that despite the fact the design is great and modern, it offers the highest level of durability. No matter how often you wear these shoes, they will be able to last for a longer period of time.

This is the latest addition to the world of running shoes, but it is the most important as well. Thanks to it, your feet are able to ‘breathe’, so the bad odor will be eliminated and the feet sweating will be a thing of the past. This was accomplished thanks to the latest fabrics, the manufacturer used in the manufacturing process. As a result, your feet won’t develop the well-known odor and wearing them will be more comfortable. At the same time, you will be able to wear them for a longer period of time. In addition, wearing them every day, the whole day won’t be an issue.

Cushioned footbed is the most appreciated features that all running shoes must have. Thanks to it, runners with achilles tendonitis can also wear the shoes on gravel and rough terrain. As the end result, you will get the ultimate level of comfort and your feet won’t hurt, even after a long run. Although this feature is a well-known addition, it is more than needed and it can make them a much better choice. Keep in mind that not all running shoes come with this feature, and those that don’t have it, are not the best choice.

The material, used for upper elements are made from leather and synthetic fabric. This mixture is amazing and probably the best choice due to the fact it allows to your feet to breathe, it reduces the temperature inside a shoe and it is very resistant. The resistance is especially important to the scratches and lighter damages. Keep in mind that this feature also makes the shoes more durable, so you can wear them for a longer period of time. On the other side, it has a positive effect on the look of them, so you will have running shoes that look great and they are made from high-quality materials.

  • Ultimate level of comfort.
  • The fabric allows for your feet to breathe.
  • The manufacturer used real leather and the latest materials.
  • The cushioning system is much better than similar models have and it offers the highest level of comfort.
  • The bad odor will be a thing of the past.
  • The grip is amazing as well.
  • They come in three color variations.
  • They are not waterproof.
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