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Best Mizuno Running Shoes

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Looking for the best Mizuno running shoes your money can buy? Then just take a quick look over the table below and read as well the detailed reviews. I’m sure they will reveal to you what you’re looking for.

Best Mizuno Running Shoes 2018

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Check Price
Mizuno Catalyst Check Price
Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Check Price
Mizuno Wave Universe 5 Check Price
Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Check Price
Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Check Price
Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Check Price
Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 Check Price
Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 Check Price
Mizuno Wave Creation 16 Check Price
Mizuno Wave Creation 18 Check Price

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

mizuno wave inspire 13
The new Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is a specially designed road running shoe, which offers good support for athletes with normal pronation and moderate over-pronation through its firm and reliable cushioning. An excellent choice for daily training with the unique Double Fan Wave technology, which helps to overcome overpronation while the new U4icX heel wedge increases cushioning and gives you a soft feel.

The entire upper is covered with AIRmesh, the synthetic mesh material that enhances airflow, improves breathability and keeps your foot cool so you can increase the number of miles you run without much discomfort. In the lateral and medial sections, stitched overlays help to keep your foot in place. With the well known Dynamotion Fit technology, you will enjoy an optimal fit. The stretch material located at the forefoot and the new collar construction keeps the heel collar firm and ensures that it doesn’t buckle under load. Also, a new strobe lasting board made of U4icX gives you the desired cushioning and comfort underfoot. To keep the Wave Inspire 13 healthy and odor-free, the OrthoLiite Sockliner has effective moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties.

Mizuno has packed superior components into the midsole. The Wave Inspire 13 offers an amazing springy and responsive ride through its elastic thermal plastic, which runs from the heel of these running shoes to the mid-foot. In the mid-foot, the Extended Wave Plate extends the Mizuno Wave and increases the toughness of the base of the midsole between the mid-foot and forefoot. For a smooth heel to toe transition, the Smooth Ride has a network of gender-specific grooves that helps to control the acceleration and deceleration of your foot. In addition to the stability and support provided by the Double Fan Wave, you will also enjoy optimal shock absorption and improved durability with the help of the U4ic foam material.

The outsole is constructed with high quality materials. The famous X10 material located at the heel consists of strong carbon rubber that resists wear and improves traction. At the forefoot, you will find blown rubber, which gives a soft landing for forefoot strikes and increases responsiveness. To improve flexibility, Mizuno placed flex controllers in high flex areas on the outsole. These controllers act as tiny wave plates to provide greater flexibility.

  • Comfortable: Offers greater comfort while running than version 12. With the adjustments made to the upper and the toe box, they gives you a chance to raise your mileage without undue pain.
  • Lightweight: In this version, there’s a significant decrease in the weight without sacrificing durability and stability.
  • Responsive: All the new and modified midsole technology is essentially meant to make them more responsive, from the Wave Plate to the new U4icX wedge at the heel.
  • Pronation Support: Enough cushioning to provide support for overpronation and the Smooth Ride technology also reduces the effects of supination.Instant Natural Fit: You can use this shoe to run a marathon right out of the box because it fits you like a glove.
  • Great Colors: Released for men and women have beautiful color schemes.
  • Fits True to Size: Unlike previous versions that had a narrow fit, version 13 complies with standard sizes for running shoes.
  • Roomy Toe Box: Mizuno has added more space to the toe box so you can enjoy greater comfort especially when you are running long races or on uneven surfaces.
  • High Quality Construction: Every part of this shoe is made of durable materials, especially the outsole that has the tough X10 material.
  • Useful on Multiple Surfaces: You can use this shoe to run on different types of surfaces including track, road, smooth trails, and some wet surfaces.
  • The 12 mm heel to toe drop seems a bit high for some runners who want a moderate stability shoe.
  • The running shoes are quite thick but this is necessary to offer the type of stability required by most runners who over pronate.

Mizuno Catalyst

mizuno wave catalyst
The Mizuno Catalyst is a high performance running shoe. It has a lightweight and durable design which is suitable for medium to high mileage running. It has the technology that offers durable cushioning and responsiveness without any adverse effect on performance. Due to the lightweight support, the are also ideal for high speed running.

The Mizuno Catalyst have an upper adorned with the AIRmesh material, which provides superior airflow, breathability and comfort. On the medial and lateral sides, and at the toe box, there are stitched and seamless overlays that hold the foot securely without sacrificing comfort. In the upper, you also have the Dynamotion Fit technology that enables you to enjoy a natural fit out of the box. Generally, the upper feels great around the mid-section of the running shoes, and it gives you adequate movement at the toes while locking down your heel. The soft tongue has a lot of cushioning and the lacing system gives you a secure fit no matter how long you run.

The foam in the midsole is made from Mizuno’s latest foam material called the U4ic (which is meant to be pronounced euphoric). It is a perfect blend of a soft material that is also very firm and responsive. It gives optimal shock attenuation for the Catalyst. To add to the stability, Mizuno made the base wider underneath the area where the ball of the foot rests. The main highlight in the midsole is the Pebax Fan Wave plate that gives you a smooth landing and a good heel to toe transition.

The Wave Plate is that plastic piece that is placed at the midsole from the heel to the mid-section of the Catalyst. This component serves as a rigid shank below the ankle and it gives the running shoes the toughness required to protect your foot from getting twisted if you have a bad landing. The Pebax Wave Plate works with the SmoothRide Technology to deliver fluid motion on every stride you take. Throughout the gait cycle, it helps you to experience a smooth, rocking-like motion, and it offers greater flexibility when required.

The bulk of the outsole consists of Mizuno’s X10 carbon rubber material. It offers good traction and extremely high wear resistance that will keep the Mizuno Catalyst going for hundreds of miles without showing any visible signs of wear. The X10 works in combination with the blown rubber placed in strategic areas of the sole. Blown rubber gives you optimal pressure distribution, responsiveness and cushioning while increasing durability.

  • Comfort: So comfortable on the foot that you can actually forget that you are wearing it.
  • Lightweight: The main highlight of this shoe is its light weight, which does not affect its ability to offer you good support while running.
  • Stability: Provides enough support for runners who are moderate overpronators and those who need a shoe that will improve performance.
  • Durability: The entire shoe is constructed with high quality materials.
  • Responsiveness: The midsole has top grade foam and a unique design with a superior Wave Plate that makes them very responsive.
  • Firmness: The overlays on the upper and the construction of the toe box and heel collar give the show a firm hold your foot.
  • Breathable: You will enjoy superior airflow and coolness on your foot even after running for several hours.
  • Multiple Uses: You can use them for running, walking, and working out in the gym.
  • Speed: Offers better speed and performance because it has a heel to toe drop of 10mm.
  • Excellent Cushioning: The U4ic foam material gives superb cushioning without making the running shoes feel unduly heavy.
  • Versatile: This shoe may be used for daily training, fast races and long distance running.
  • Due to the firmness of this shoe, some runners felt that it is too stiff.
  • Generally, the running shoes have a narrow fit so runners with wide feet may find it a bit uncomfortable during their first run.
  • The arch support may not be sufficient for runners with extreme supination.

Mizuno Wave Rider 20

mizuno wave rider 20In the Mizuno Wave Rider 20, you have a neutral road running shoe that not only provides superior comfort and support, but is so light that you feel as if you running on air. This is due to the upgraded design and ultra lightweight materials. With the latest Wave Rider, you will enjoy a completely new Wave plate system that delivers a smooth and soft ride with better responsiveness. Mizuno skillfully combines the well known classic fit of the Rider model with a renewed Triple Zone mesh, which provides superb breathability.

The highlight of the new upper design is the Triple Zone AIRMesh engineered to give a glove-like fit. It has been enhanced with a softer texture that increases comfort and makes it more breathable. These running shoes retains its excellent fit through the Dynamotion technology. The running shoes are designed to stretch, move seamlessly with your foot while you run and provide a custom fit for your foot. In response to previous complaints from users, Mizuno has designed a softer collar that prevents irritation on your foot without allowing your foot to slip.

Most of the features in the redesigned Rider 20 that have a direct impact on performance are located in the midsole. The all-new cloudwave plate gives you a soft and smooth ride because it gives more cushion on the initial heel impact. Mizuno also included the upgraded U4ic foam, which is a lighter material with more cushion than the original U4ic foam. It has improved the responsiveness and durability beyond what you could get from previous models. At the heel, the articulated U4icX wedge also provides additional support. To keep your legs cool, dry and comfortable, Mizuno Intercool technology offers good ventilation throughout the length of the midsole.

The Rider 20 are built to last. Its outsole offers excellent wear-resistance, so you can use it to cover hundreds of miles during training. The Mizuno X10 rubber in the outsole provides superior durability and enhanced traction. In the forefoot, the blown rubber adds extra cushion while the Flex Controller technology makes the running shoes more flexible at the areas where your foot bends while running. In addition, SmoothRide Engineering gives you a very smooth heel to toe transition.

The running shoes have a standard size for neutral running shoes. The new engineered mesh and Dynamotion technology ensure that they have a snug fit whether you are training for a half-marathon or you are simply doing your regular exercise or daily jogging to keep fit. Like the previous versions, they come in both normal and medium widths for runners with wide feet.

  • Excellent support: The engineered mesh provides excellent support with a rock-like fit.
  • Lightweight: Lighter than previous versions but without sacrificing support.Comfortable: The midsole has been modified to give additional support and cushion, and your feet will still breathe well after a marathon race.
  • Flexible: The running shoes ride with your foot and provides such flexibility that you almost forget that you re wearing shoes.
  • Versatile: Enough support for long distance running and it is also light enough for short and fast running.
  • Responsive: With the new cloudwave plate in the midsole, this shoe has become one of the most responsive road running shoes available today.
  • Attractive: The running shoes come in many bright and attractive colors that you and your friends will cherish.
  • Durable: Mizuno kept their tradition of making running shoes with high quality construction and made the 20th version of their flagship shoe more durable than its predecessor.
  • Elastic Laces: The new laces are very secure, they remain intact after you have ran for many miles without becoming untied in the middle of your race.
  • Wider Toe Box: Wider toe box so your toes can feel very comfortable while running.
  • This shoe is not for runners with serious under or over pronation.
  • They may not be suitable for running off road.
  • Some runners may find the, a bit expensive although the price matches it’s quality.

Mizuno Wave Universe 5

mizuno-wave-universe-5The Mizuno Wave Universe 5 provides a perfect blend of minimalist cushioning and lightweight performance. These running shoe can be used to provide strength training for your ankle muscles or feet. If you are a barefoot runner or you need to increase your speed on the tracks, you should try these Mizuno running shoes.

The upper section has a breathable and flexible synthetic material called the AIRMesh. With this well ventilated upper, you will feel cool and dry no matter how long you choose to run. Since you will most likely run without socks, you will enjoy the step in comfort and fit provided by the sockliner. To keep your feet dry in all weather conditions, Mizuno has added the GORE-TEX XCR. This is a water resistant material that will prevent the infiltration of water into the shoe. You will enjoy the Mizuno Intercool technology that prevents heat and humidity from building up in the running shoes. This ventilation system takes out the heat through a couple of ventilation channels.

The Wave technology is incorporated into the midsole and it is regular feature in almost all Mizuno running shoes. Wave technology comprises an extended wave plate that is made of flexible thermoplastic material. It provides your foot with cushioning and shock attenuation. Designed to imitate the waves on the sea, this technology returns some of the energy you expend while running and this helps to increase your pace. In the Universe 5 midsole you will also find the U4ic foam, which is a replacement for the for old AP+ material. The U4ic material is lightweight, responsive, and durable. At the base of the midsole, the SmoothRide technology enables you to enjoy a more flexible shoe with smooth heel to toe transitions.

The outsole has a very light weight that enhances your speed. The proprietary G3 sole provides improved traction and so you will not slip while running. On the outsole, you can see an array of dots in the forefoot region that will help you to run more efficiently. Since the configuration of nubs on the sole are evenly spread, it provides better grip on the road, track or gravel. You will also notice a concave shape in the Universe 5 at the mid-foot, which gives more flexibility and makes it easier to take off.

Ultimately, the thin and flexible outsole is meant to help you to improve your performance for sprinting and short races. That is why it is ideal for track workouts and tempo runs. The sole is so flat that you will feel as if you are running with bare feet. You will also notice the absence of stiffness in this shoe, which makes it suitable for increasing your speed. However, the Mizuno Wave Universe 5 are ideal for runners with neutral pronation, so if you need plenty of stability and support you may not appreciate their minimalist design.

  • Flexibility: The extra flexibility gives you an opportunity to use this shoes to run as fast as you can.
  • Comfortable Fit: The breathable upper, sockliner and Intercool technology provide a comfortable fit and keep your feet dry while running.
  • Resilient Midsole: The Wave technology and U4ic foam provide a strong, resilient and responsive midsole that makes them energy efficient.
  • Superior Traction: Specially designed outsole hubs enhance traction while running on the road or on tracks.
  • Performance: The lightweight and flexibility nature of this shoe makes it an excellent choice for runners who need to improve their speed and performance.
  • Minimalistic Support: Runners who are not neutral pronators may not be able to use this shoe because it provides very little support or stability.
  • Very Little Cushioning: Since this shoe is intended for performance running, it does not have much cushioning.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

mizuno-wave-inspire-10The Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 is a well constructed stability running shoe that provides great comfort and support. It is a very responsive shoe with a more comfortable heel counter than the preceding version. The light weight makes it ideal for runners who want to land on their fore or mid-foot. The new U4ic midsole cushioning has reduced the weight while providing a more resilient platform for running.

The upper section has a lightweight synthetic mesh with welded overlays. Very scanty stitching is applied so that you can enjoy a very comfortable fit without feeling any irritation on your foot. The mesh used is sturdier than other Mizuno running shoes, but it is meant to provide greater durability and support so you can use this shoe for daily training without worry about wear and tear. Also, the heel counter is well padded with more foam than version 9. At the forefoot, this shoe now has a wider toe box that will give you more room and comfort if you have wide feet. In terms of aesthetics, Mizuno applied their bold and distinct design theme to this shoe to make it stand out among other comparable running shoes.

The midsole has been completely redesigned. The AP+ foam and double layer fan have been removed. Now, you have the new U4ic technology that is at least 30 percent lighter than the previous material. U4ic also provides better cushioning, resilience and responsiveness. With this new material, you can use the Wave Inspire 10 to train for longer hours, and have great support for runners with shin splints. The lightweight material also aids performance and helps you to run faster. In the midsole, you can also find the well known Wave technology. This system has thermoplastic materials that store energy. As you run, the system returns some of the energy expended by your foot and enables to run more efficiently.

The outsole is made of X10 carbon rubber – a strong and durable material that can withstand wear and abrasion. This means that you will enjoy using the Wave Inspire 10 to run and they will put in thousands of miles before you lay them aside. Again, the outsole has the new Smooth Ride system. With this new design, the outsole is bevelled around the midsole to create a smooth curve. This allows your foot to enjoy a smooth heel-to-toe transition. So instead of your foot slapping down, you can have a smooth pronation backed a support system that keeps your foot from over pronation.

One of the distinguishing features of these running shoes is its weight. Most stability shoes are much heavier than minimalist shoes. But they have been constructed with light materials that provide great cushioning, support and stability. In fact, it feels so comfortable under the heel that you will not realize that you are wearing a stability running shoe. The cushioning in the running shoes does not feel bulky so you can run faster with these shoes.

  • The stitched overlays give a snug and secure fit.
  • The sock liner provides additional cushioning and helps to remove moisture underneath your foot.
  • The new U4ic material in the midsole helps to absorb shock and increase responsiveness.
  • The Wave technology, and the Smooth Ride system help to handle mild over pronation.
  • The wide toe box makes it easy for runners with wide feet to enjoy more comfort.
  • The breathable mesh in the upper section provides good ventilation and keeps your feet cool and dry.
  • The raised heel counter may be a bit uncomfortable for some runners, although the foot tends to adapt to this after wearing them for a while.
  • Some runners may not be used to a wide toe box in a stablility shoe.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19

mizuno-wave-rider-19The Mizuno Wave Rider 19 is a well built road running shoe that provides adequate flexibility, sufficient cushioning, and great comfort for neutral runners. It can serve as a dual purpose shoe, enabling you to train effectively and also giving you the performance you need on a race day. These Mizuno shoes allow you to focus on your race instead of your footwear.

The upper sole has an upgraded upper design with shock attenuation and increased durability. Mizuno’s AIRMesh is a breathable material, which is combined with some overlays that are attached to the mesh on the lateral and medial section. In addition, the Dynamotion Fit technology stretches to provide a snug fit and support your feet, keeping it secure while you run. The inner section of the Rider 19 has an Ortholite sock liner that has an anti-microbial treatment to keep bacteria from growing because of sweat or road dirt. It also helps to keep moisture away from the feet.

Mizuno has transformed the midsole to provide you with exceptional comfort. With multiple proprietary innovations such as Gender Engineered Flex, Intercool Ventilation System, Smooth Ride technology, Extended Wave Plate, the U4ic midsole and the well known Mizuno Wave technology, the Rider 19 provides superior cushioning to support your foot while running. However, the running shoes are best suited for runners with neutral pronation or for runners with mild over pronation or moderate under pronation. The support is made possible by the heel, which has flex grooves that make it comfortable for neutral runners.

The flex controllers also provide additional padding at the forefoot and offer a resilient transition and enhanced foot movement. The wave plate are flexible yet firm enough to support the foot as you run. Mizuno also added a euphoric midsole called the U4ic. This lightweight midsole, which is about one-third of the weight of the former AP+ material, provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

All the materials used in these running shoes were specially designed to make this shoe durable flexible, comfortable, and more responsive. The X10 carbon rubber absorbs shock and reduces impact when you land. It also makes the sole more durable and increases its ability to resist wear at the forefoot provides greater flexibility for so you can run for many without feeling pain. The blown rubber also gives additional flexibility at the forefoot.

  • Durability: Virtually every section, from the upper to the outsole has durable features.
  • Lightweight: The AIRMesh upper and the U4ic midsole makes them very light and this also enhances your speed.
  • Strong support: This shoe provides strong support through its midsole without sacrificing speed.
  • Good for Long Mileage Training: The firm feel provided by these shoes makes them suitable for longer runs.
  • Large toe-box: If you have wider feet, you will enjoy the bigger toe box and the additional comfort it provides.
  • Quick Foot Adjustment: It takes a very short time for the foot to get accustomed to the running shoes.
  • The price is a bit higher than other shoes designed for the same purpose.
  • The cushioning is quite firm but this is necessary to protect the feet while running fast.
  • The running shoes have relatively long laces and some reviewers complained about this.

Mizuno Wave Creation 17

mizuno-wave-creation-17The Mizuno Wave Creation 17 are unique running shoes that provides impressive performance on the road and on the track. It is a lightweight shoe that may be used for both short and long distance running. This new edition has better cushioning, comfort and durability.

The entire upper is covered by the breathable AIRmesh material. This material improves air flow ensures that your feet are cool even after running for many hours. It also prevents your feet from becoming smelly and sweaty when you have to run in the heat of the day.

To complement the AIRmesh material, Mizuno has added the Dynamotion Fit techology to provide optimal fit when you are walking, jogging or sprinting. This material can be found on the heel, collar, forefoot, and lacing system of the Wave Creation 17. It enables to quickly adapt to the motion of your foot and flow along with it. So when your foot bends or shifts to either side, the upper section will also bend or shift along with it.

The midsole is made from U4ic. This new material is a replacement for the former AP+ material used in most of previous versions. U4ic is durable, lightweight and responsive. It offers you better cushioning while keeping the Wave Creation 17 light and comfortable. Also included in the midsole construction is the Smooth Ride Engineering which enables you to control the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot.

To enhance air flow and comfort under your foot, Mizuno added the intercool ventilation system that prevents the accumulation of sweat or humidity while running. In addition, Gender Engineering has been included to ensure a superior fit for men and women. This technology is designed for men to have a broader forefoot while the ones designed for women have a more flexible midsole so they can apply less pressure while running.

The outsole is constructed with the X10 carbon rubber material. This material is designed to make the sole more durable by providing better abrasion resistance. The Wave Creation 17 also provides more traction to improve your performance and speed. Just like the midsole, the outsole is designed with the Gender Engineering concept so men and women have a different outsole design that enhances their ability to run based on the difference in the shape and size of their feet.

The male version has a wider base that absorbs more shock and bears greater weight while the female version has more flex grooves. Additionally, the SmoothRide technology increases responsiveness and guides the foot as you run. The flex grooves at the heel make it easier to land and surge forward with ease. At the forefoot, the flex controllers provide an angle for a responsive toe off.

The extended wave plate is one of the main features of the wave technology and it provides superior cushioning that will enable you to perform better while running. With this unique technology, you can run a marathon without feeling hot spots. The stability of these running shoes are also exceptional even with the amount of cushioning provided in them.

  • Durable construction: The upper, midsole and outsole are all made of durable materials that can withstand wear and stand up under the most rigorous use.
  • Outstanding Comfort: Very comfortable shoes designed for neutral pronation.
  • Responsiveness: The Smooth Ride technology improves your performance while running.
  • Improved Traction: You can enjoy greater traction while running on the road and this will reduce the amount of energy required to run.
  • Superior Breathability: From the AIRMesh in the upper to the intercool vent system in the midsole, this shoe offers impressive air flow and breathability.
  • Wide Variety of Colors: Mizuno offers a wide range of color and design options for both male and female versions.
  • The men’s version feels a bit heavy for some runners.
  • The internal seams could become a bit irritating when you don’t wear socks.

Mizuno Wave Enigma 5

mizuno-wave-enigma-5The Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 are the type of running shoes you want to wear when you run. Due to the fact these shoes have plus cushioning, or simply said additional cushions, they are very comfortable. This feature makes them softer and better when it comes to reducing the shocks from the road. With them, you can run on a track or on a gravel surface and you will experience the same level of comfort. At the same time, this feature makes these Mizuno running shoes more responsive.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and their great positioning, these running shoes are comfortable and they offer the bounce effects. This means that running is much easier and more comfortable. In general, this is a great addition to people who like running every day. No matter on which surface you are running, you will get the best level of comfort and you will have a bouncing feel.

AIR mesh is a type of material that has been used in the making of the upper components. It is paired with Ortho Lite Sock Liner in order to minimize the danger of forming bacteria. This also means that Enigma 5 are safer to wear, due to the fact they offer a great level of comfort and they reduce the risk of developing infections and similar health issues. At the same time, these materials reduce the sweating of your feet, so there won’t be a bad odor. This is an interesting feature that all running shoes must have, due to the fact our feet sweat when they are under stress.

The Dynamic Fit allows for your feet to move together. Simply said, there won’t be a lot of free space between a foot and the shoe. Keep in mind that this feature is more important than you can imagine, due to the fact it reduces the risk of injuries and it will keep your feet in a tight position. On the other side, in the Enigma 5 your feet will still have enough movement, so there won’t be any rashes or fatigue while running. Dynamotion Fit is a great addition if you like running on gravel and on the tarmac on the same day.

Most shoes on the market are designed for long runs. However, these shoes are one step ahead. They have been designed for ultra-long distances, so they are a perfect choice for people who are training for marathons or they like running a few hours per day. An extra cushioning system makes the difference, so these running shoes are probably your best choice, if you are one of aforementioned people. Keep in mind that they are a great choice if you like running on a track, road and in the woods during your training. No matter where you wear them, you will get the desired level of comfort.

  • Great cushioning system. Probably one of the best you can get.
  • The bounce makes these shoes great for rough terrain.
  • Great for running on a track and gravel.
  • High level of comfort.
  • The foot is held in place and it doesn’t have a lot of free space.
  • They are made from high-quality materials so they will last long.
  • The design is modern and these shoes look high-end.
  • The material reduces sweating and a bad odor, so they are perfect for people who like running on long distances.
  • The price is high.
  • There are not a lot of colors available.
  • The available sizes.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3

mizuno-wave-hitogami-3The Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 are released by the intent that these running shoes do not want to be outdone by the competition in a market where performance and visibility is everything. Mizuno are constantly upgrading their running shoes, because nowadays it is all about being lightweight, being comfortable and being the fastest shoe on the market.

The first thing any avid runner looks at in a running shoe is its overall construction. To think that runners are an ignorant bunch would be a big mistake because a vast majority of runners, even if they are hobbyists are well aware of the different methods of construction and the materials that are most often used in making of a good shoe. When it comes to the construction, the method as well as the material is top notch. The upper sole is covered in AIRMesh, which lets your foot breathe adequately. This means that you can run for longer periods of time, without having to worry about blisters or any sort of an irritation.

The AIRMesh technology ensures that even if you run for hours and tens of miles, your foot will not be overtly sweaty and will remain relatively cool. You will be surprised how dry and comfortable your feet feel even after you have run far beyond your usual standards.

Dynamotion fit is another technology that this shoe has been equipped with and that technology is the reason why they form a very comfortable, stretchy fit around your feet. The standard sockliner provides underfoot comfort while the collar construction prevents the heel collar from collapsing. With such detail being paid to the upper sole, it is no wonder that the Hitogami 3 are unmatched when it comes to comfort and ease of wear.

The midsole is exceptionally lightweight, mostly thanks to the U4ic that is greatly responsible for ensuring that the sole is excessively durable and displays extraordinary qualities of shock absorption. So any sort of unforeseen or harsh impact landing is a piece of cake as a result of this. Along the midsole of this running show can be found a network of groves that Mizuno refers to as the ‘Smooth Ride’. The main purpose of the Hitogami 3 is to provide smooth transition from the heel to the mid foot and allow for rapid acceleration and deceleration. As you can imagine this lets you have more control over the way you run while providing you a better grip on the surface.

The outer sole has the G3 sole, that comes in a rubber dotted pattern and as with everything else, it serves a purpose as well. The main purpose of this dotted rubber design is to provide your feet a strong grip on the surface of the ground while helping out with the flexibility. It is this flexibility factor that allows you to move your foot comfortably inside and still not feel as if the shoe is coming lose. Not tight and not too lose- we are talking about a perfect fit here. The heel and the forefoot come with X10 which is made up of durable carbon rubber which provides a great deal of extra traction that keeps you from slipping while you are on the run. It is easy to say that overall, the construction is top class, with extra attention paid to ensuring that it is extra durable, comfortable and made with quality materials.

While lightness and comfort are important in a shoe, too much of it can have a rather opposite effect, than what a runner desires. Thankfully, the Hitogami 3 have managed to find a sweet spot and once you put them on, it does not feel too light, as if it is made from paper. Instead it provides an adequate sense of solidity with the right amount of light footedness.

The underfoot is almost magical. You have enough cushion to soften the harshest of landings while the forefoot bounce propels you forward, transferring the energy to your next step. Most people who put on this shoe are surprised by how much bounce is packed in this shoe, which is a massive surprise in a shoe this light. These running shoes are seriously fast and will very likely replace whatever pair you have in your closet as your race day shoe. At the same time, if racing is not your thing then this shoe is good enough to be your everyday wear pair as well. The only drawback is that on rougher terrain, this shoe might not be the most perfect fit.

  • Super lightweight
  • Very good bounce
  • High level of comfort.
  • X10 carbon rubber is very durable
  • Very flexible, inside and outside.
  • Great support for the whole foot.
  • Responsive with solid traction control.
  • Not ideal for rougher terrain
  • High heel offset not ideal for those who like lower drops.

Mizuno Wave Creation 16

mizuno-wave-creation-16The Mizuno Wave Creation 16 has been designed and made especially for runners who run every day and who are looking for running shoes that can withstand this level of running. In any case, these shoes are modern and they are based on the latest technology. However, they have been made for heavier runners, above 180 lbs., so they have stiff construction. If your weight is above mentioned, you will experience a lot of benefits from the running shoes.

The best part is the fact these running shoes are lightweight, so they are easy to wear and they won’t cause ankle fatigue. The low weight is possible due to the fact they are made from lightweight synthetic material, but it has been specially chosen and used so it reduces the effect this type of material has on feet. This also means that the sweating of your feet won’t be possible, which is more important than you can imagine. In addition, other parts are made on the same way, so they offer an amazing combination of the durability and benefits to your feet.

The Creation 16 have been designed for use on a track and on rough terrain. That’s why the shock absorption is an important addition. Luckily, these shoes have the latest U4ic midsole technology, which makes running even on the roughest terrain a real pleasure. At the same time, it is comfortable and gives you the ability to run on a longer distance. On the other side, the weight is reduced for 30%, thanks to this feature, which makes these shoes lighter and better for long distance runners.

The Dynamotion Fit has an important role of keeping your feet secure. It will hold your foot in place, so the risk of getting an injury will be eliminated. Keep in mind that the entire foot will be held in place, so there won’t be any issues while running. This addition is perfect for people who are planning to run on longer distances, so if you are one of them, they may be your best choice. Even better, the support of a foot is much better than most models, made by the competition have to offer.

No matter which running shoe you chose, you are going to need traction. Keep in mind that a low traction may have a lot of negative effects on your running and it isn’t the best choice. Luckily, the Creation 16 are completely different and they are in fact better than most, similar models have to offer. The composition so the rubber at the bottom has been especially chosen, so they offer a great balance between the traction and the softness. The best part is the fact this traction can be achieved no matter where you are using your shoes.

Another great fact is the fact they are very durable. As we aforementioned, the materials used in the production are based on the latest technology and they are durable. All of this makes these shoes amazing and extremely durable. They can withstand any type of terrain and are resistant to lighter damages. Simply said, these shoes are going to last for a long time. On the other side, the price isn’t very high, so they are a wise investment as well.

  • Modern design
  • Durable and resistant to lighter damages and similar issues
  • Carbon rubber offers the highest level of traction, so they can be used anywhere you want
  • The midsole is 30% less heavy than shoes made by competitors have.
  • Offers maximum foot support which reduces the risk form an injury.
  • Very stiff, so they are oriented towards heavier runners.
  • They are lightweight, but you will have the impression that they are heavy.

Mizuno Wave Creation 18

mizuno-wave-creation-18In the upper section of the Mizuno Wave Creation 18, a double-layer mesh material provides good air flow and keeps your foot dry. It also makes them more durable. At the mid-foot section, stitched overlays give them a beautiful appearance and keep the foot secure while providing a snug fit. Mizuno added Dynamotion Fit technology to the heel collar and forefoot to offer extra comfort without affecting durability. Also the anti-microbial sock liner will help your wide foot to stay fresh and odorless.

The midsole of the Wave Creation has an elastic material called Infinity Wave. It has a peculiar figure-eight shape and it enhances your energy efficiency by storing and returning some of the energy you expend after you land. The U4ic cushioning foam absorbs shock and also provides optimum responsiveness. An Intercool ventilation system allows air to come in through the midsole to your foot to keep it ventilated and dry.

In the outsole, the X10 carbon rubber material is used to reinforce the sole at the forefoot and heel. This durable material is wear resistant and it improves surface traction. Mizuno also added flex grooves to the forefoot to deliver a better toe-off and increase the flexibility. Runners with wide feet will also appreciate the unique design that provides more support at the mid-foot section.

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