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Best New Balance Running Shoes

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Looking for the best New Balance running shoes your money can buy? Then just take a quick look over the table below and read as well the detailed reviews. I’m sure they will reveal to you what you’re looking for.

Best New Balance Running Shoes 2018

New Balance 890 Check Price
New Balance MT10BS3 Check Price
New Balance 990v3 Check Price
New Balance 1260 Check Price
New Balance 610 Check Price
New Balance 940v2 Check Price
New Balance 990v4 Check Price

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New Balance 890

new-balance-890The New Balance 890 is a versatile, well designed pair of running shoes with many innovative features that will meet most of your training needs. They have sufficient cushioning to keep you comfortable and they are light enough to help you run fast while you cover hundreds of training miles. New Balance designed these running shoes as a lightweight model for speed and distance running.

The upper design has a seamless mesh attached to synthetic leather to provide your feet with strong support and great comfort. With a wide range of toe box dimensions from the narrow B to the large 4E, you will definitely get a size that will fit the width and shape of your forefoot. As it’s common with most designs, the 890 have a pointy toe box which leaves a little less room in front of the big toe, so you should buy at least half a size larger than your normal size. For additional comfort, the tongue and front gusset have plenty of foam embedded within them.

The midsole was designed to provide you with sufficient cushioning that will keep you comfortable without reducing your speed. The 890 have a dual density foam made of Revlite EVA foam material on top and the proprietary Abzorb crash pad below. The lighter Revlite material provides fairly good arch support while the thicker Abzorb foam acts as a shock absorber when you land. Above the dual density foam, the 890 have a soft foam to increase the softness of the cushioning. An independent Ortholite insole rests on top of the soft foam. You may replace this insole to obtain greater arch support.

The New Balance 890 have a strong outsole designed to provide traction, and flexibility. With a soft rubber material under the forefoot and carbon rubber under the heel, you will enjoy flexibility and traction when you take off and stability and good shock-absorption when you land. To ensure that the running shoes serve you for hundreds of miles, the outsole was built with tough and durable Ndurance rubber technology. In addition, the shoe has a reflective heel that makes it easier for other road users to see you when you are running at night or in low light conditions.

  • Better Heel Strikes: 8 mm heel to toe transition combined with the Revlite foam technology, which enables you to have more effective heel strikes while you run.
  • Good Traction on Wet Surfaces: The grip of the 890 on wet surfaces is much stronger than previous versions of this shoe.
  • Affordable: These running shoes will be relatively easy to afford if you an active runner who wants a comfortable, lightweight and durable pair of training shoes.
  • Breathable Materials: The FantomFit technology used to combine the stitch-less mesh material with the synthetic leather offers superior breathability.
  • Comfort and cushioning: The midsole and tongue has sufficient cushioning to provide adequate comfort for your feet while running for several hours.
  • Versatile: These running shoes can be used for different types of training, including running on the road, on tracks, and on gravel. They may also be used for walking and light trail running.
  • Durability depends on handling and amount of use.
  • They take a while to give probably due to the seamless upper designed to provide a snug fit.
  • They have a narrow toe-box design so you should order for at least half a size above your normal shoe size.

New Balance MT10BS3

The New Balance MT10BS3 are trail running shoes. This lightweight and attractive shoe has sufficient stability to support you when you need to run fast on a trail. But it offers adequate arch support and protection for you when you need to run for a longer period.

The upper section is constructed with technical mesh material, which gives good ventilation and resilience. To improve the structural support, the upper has synthetic overlays. These overlays are welded to give a more comfortable seamless design. The conventional lacing system, flexible mesh and sock liner provide a personalized fit. Although the tongue and heel collar feel comfortable when you wear socks, they are not padded to keep the shoe as light as possible.

The breathable upper material keeps your feet cool and also dries rapidly so you can use this shoe to run on muddy trails and in wet conditions. In terms of aesthetics, the all-black design and color scheme makes this shoe visually appealing. With this new version, you also have four other color schemes to choose from. This allows you to wear it with almost all types of sports wear or jeans.

The midsole does not have a major cushioning technology. This is a deliberate attempt by the manufacturer to keep the weight very low. However, the midsole comprises of the ACTEVA foam. This material is odor and wear resistant. The MT10BS3 enables you to have a barefoot feeling and maximize the contact of your foot with the ground. ACTEVA foam is a superior lightweight material with exceptional durability.

The outer sole has the unique Vibram outsole, which gives you a distinct barefoot experience whether you are running on a trail or track. The MT10BS3 also have special multi-dimensional lugs that can be used on different terrains, including wet and muddy surfaces. The running shoes are very versatile so you can use it to go on a 20-mile hike in the mountains without taking a back up shoe. The lugs on the shoe provide the traction and grip you need when you are running on either wet or dry surfaces.

The Vibram outsole from the Italian based sole manufacturer gives you good traction when you run on a trail or go for hiking. It also encourages you to run and land on the balls of your feet rather than on your heel. In fact, virtually all minimalist running shoes designs promote fore foot running. That is why the New Balance MT10BS3 are a good choice for neutral pronators who want to run on trails and develop better forefoot running skills. However, it is important for you to do some exercises to strengthen your shins, foot arches and calves so you don’t put them at risk when you are making the transition from heel striking to forefoot running.

  • Quick Drying: The shoe has quick drying components which makes this shoe ideal for mud running.
  • Flexibility: The entire shoe is very flexible and enables you to run faster.
  • Lightweight: The absence of major cushioning makes this shoe very light.
  • Good Grip: The outsole provides good grip on different kinds of surfaces.
  • Different Color Options: They offers five color schemes for you to choose from.
  • Versatility: This shoe performs well on both trails and on the track.
  • The heel collar is higher than version 2 and it rubs the back of the foot when you use this shoe without wearing socks.
  • The shoe is a bit narrow at the mid foot and the strong upper construction does not stretch so the shoe may be a bit stiff if you order for your normal size.

New Balance 990v3

While designing the New Balance 990v3, designers had a tough choice. These running shoes had to look classic and to maintain the well-known shape and appearance of the brand. According to the first impressions, they managed to achieve their goal. Even better, they look casual, so they can be worn no matter where you are going.

By offering ultimate stability and comfort, the 990v3 have gone one step further than their competitors. This means that your foot will have enough space to make tiny adjustments, but it will be well-held in place, so the risk of injuries will be eliminated. The best part, their size is accurate, so your running shoes will fit perfectly. This is more than needed for ultimate stability and that makes them perfect for runners with plantar fasciitis.

Certain details on the outside are reflective, so the 990v3 make you more visible at night. This is a great addition due to the fact most people like running at night, when the weather is cooler or they have free time. Thanks to this feature, you are going to be noticed by drivers, which makes jogging and running safer. In addition, the reflective details are made from ultra-quality materials, so they will stay reflective as long you use them.

Most running shoes have ‘breath’ problems. They don’t let the air get out of them! This means that your feet are going to sweat, during the exercise and while standing. This will be followed by wet feet and unwanted odor. The 990v3 allow your feet to breathe. Simply said, your feet are going to be dry, during the day, and there won’t be bad smell. On the other side, all stitches and materials used in the manufacturing process have been specially chosen, so they are waterproof. This means that they can be worn even when the weather is bad.

The best part about the New Balance 990v3 is the fact they can last up to 3 years, if you use them every day. Keep in mind that this period can be achieved even if you run or jog in them every single day. It is possible thanks to the high-quality materials, used in the production and use of the new, innovative glue. The manufacturing process may be similar as the one used for previous models, but the materials are updated and now they are stronger than ever.

  • The materials of the highest quality are used in the manufacturing process. This includes leather and fabric. These materials are also very strong and durable.
  • Offer ultimate support of the feet.
  • The extreme comfort.
  • Reflective details are perfect when you jog or run at night. They can be easily spotted by drivers.
  • Cleaning is very simple due to the resistant materials used on the surface.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Removable insoles.
  • Affordable.
  • The glue is some model may have an unpleasant odor.
  • The material inside a shoe isn’t a high-quality one.

New Balance 1260

The New Balance 1260 offer exceptional support for long distance runners and over-pronators. They provide great cushioning and stability that helps you to stop the inward roll of your ankle. The manufacturers designed these elegant running shoes deliver a unique combination of flexibility, comfort, stability and durability.

The upper has a dual-layered mesh without any seams or stitches. Blended with synthetic leather, this supportive design ensures that your feet will remain comfortable and dry even after running for a very long time. The upper is designed to provide superior breathability through the first layer and comfort through the second layer enriched with cushioned lining. The 1260 also has Fantomfit welded overlays that wrap around your foot and make you feel secure.

The midsole features the quad-density EVA foam technology known as Acteva Lite. This foam is lighter than the foam used in others but it provides more comfort and cushioning. The 1260 rests upon the Abzorb foam, another innovative foam that acts like a shock absorber for your feet. To provide adequate arch support for your feet there is a removable Ortholite insole. In addition, there is a built-in T-beam midsole shank that offers additional stability and resistance against over-pronation. Combined with a durable and supportive heel design, the midsole helps to prevent your ankle from rolling inwards when running.

The mult-section rubber outsole provides a responsive, and stable platform for long distance running. At the forefoot, there are hexagonal pods made of blown rubber that offer flexibility, traction and responsiveness while the mid-section provides strength and stability. This makes the area easier to bend while you are running. At the heel, the reinforced carbon rubber material, known as Ndurance, provides additional support, durability and wear resistance. With the New Balance 1260 will be able to run and cover thousands of miles before you put them aside. The heel also has a reflective insert to enhance visibility at night or in low light situations.

  • Smooth transition: The 8mm heel to toe height difference provides a relatively smooth transition for the feet. It also enhances the comfort of the toes.
  • Extra cushioning: The Ortholite insole, EVA foam, and Abzorb crash pad provides adequate padding and comfort
  • Strong Outsole Grip: The hexagonal pods and blown rubber at the forefoot provide good grip and traction while running.
  • Good Grip: The outsole provides good grip on different kinds of surfaces.
  • Good Arch Support: With extra padding in the midsole and the replaceable Ortholite insole, you will have sufficient arch support.
  • Durability: Every section of these vshoes was well made so they can offer you service for many years even with intense use.
  • They are heavier than many others so they can’t be used for sprints.
  • The price is higher than the average price.
  • A better lacing system could be used to prevent the tongue from sliding.
  • The reflective heel could be made brighter.

New Balance 610

The New Balance 610 are versatile trail running shoes designed with threads that can help you run on both hard and soft trails. Built basically for runners with neutral pronation, these running shoes provide adequate comfort and protection without sacrificing stability and performance. Since a shoe with good performance on a trail is difficult to find, this is a good shoe for both beginners and professionals to add to their collection.

The upper construction is manufactured from resilient mesh panels that offer you breathability, durability, flexibility, and comfort. These mesh panels are supported with synthetic webbing to improve their fit and support. On the upper section, you can also find a padded ankle collar that will enable you to use for high mileage running without experiencing pain and soreness.

The lace closure system makes the 610 easy to put on and put off and enables you to create a customized fit without inflicting pain on the ridge of your foot. Together with the cushioned tongue, this lacing closure helps to distribute pressure evenly. In addition, the upper includes a perforated insole and a sock liner to keep your underfoot very comfortable while running.

The midsole provides durable cushioning that does not sacrifice flexibility and responsiveness. The main cushioning technology used in the midsole is the ACTEVA LITE foam technology that enables you to enjoy a more comfortable shoe that enhances performance on the trail. Basically, the midsole is made out of the well known EVA – (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam, which is used in many performance running shoes.

However, the ACTEVA LITE technology makes use of a modified version of EVA which is at least 20 percent lighter than the standard version. This dual density lightweight material provides excellent cushioning without making the midsole bulky and restrictive. To protect your feet against terrain irregularities, the forefoot has its fair share of cushioning. The sock liner that rests on the midsole is also made of EVA so it can offer superior step-in comfort without irritating your feet.

The outsole of the 610 has an aggressive threading pattern with lugs that can provide excellent traction and grip on both wet and dry areas. It is suitable for running uphill or downhill. You can also use them on gnarly difficult terrain because the AT Tread technology has been designed to handle virtually all types of trails including muddy, rocky and soft terrain. The Ndurance rubber sole provides great traction on the pavement so the New Balance 610 can serve you anytime you need to run on the road. So you will definitely clock in hundreds of miles whether you are walking or jogging on the pavement, or you are doing mid-mileage runs on trails.

  • Combination of Cushioning and Performance: They will provide you with an amazing blend of comfortable lightweight cushioning and great performance.
  • Wide Foot Size Options: Offers you the 4E size range that caters to runners with extra wide feet.
  • Good Aesthetics: The attractive design appeals to both male and female users.
  • Outstanding Stability: Although these running shoes are lightweight, they offer exceptional stability and support without compromising responsiveness.
  • Protection: You can expect top-notch protection from these trail runners even on the most rugged and irregular surfaces.
  • Great Traction: Whether you run on mud or on rocks, you will enjoy excellent traction.
  • They fit large; so people with narrow feet may have to order for the narrow B width.
  • The shoe laces are quite long and some runners may find this a bit difficult to handle initially.

New Balance 940v2

The first thing you should know about the New Balance 940v2 is the fact they aren’t the ordinary running shoes. They are known as a high stability model – stability meaning that it provides an interior support for those people who pronate. Pronating is going on the interior part of the foot. Also good to know is that the running shoes are designed in a way that it molds itself around your foot shape.

The first and the most important feature is the new cushioning system. It makes them special due to the fact the level of shock absorption is at the highest level. No matter on what type of terrain you are running, the shocks won’t be an issue. Keep in mind that this system, is based on the latest technology, so it has certain advantages, compared with older systems based on this technology. This also means that runners with flat feet and other feet issues will have a better comfort and they will be able to run longer.

The Stabilicore increases the stability even better. In fact, it is one of the best you can get nowadays. The transition inside the 940v2 is minimal and it is much better than similar models have to offer. This feature also makes them great for people with flat feet. In any case, if you have this issue, this model should be at the top of your list. Keep in mind that most doctors and experts recommended this feature as the most important one, for individuals with the aforementioned problem.

Most running shoes available on the market are narrow, which has a negative effect to the foot condition. In those cases the sweating will be increased and the comfort will be compromised. On the other side the 940v2 are wide, so they won’t cause any issues. In any case, if you have flat feet, this addition is mandatory. Beside all of these, it will reduce the sweating and the bad odor. Keep in mind that this feature should be paired with breathable fabric. The manufacturer managed to make and impressive mixture of breathability and comfort.

A useful addition is the fact they have been assembled in the United States. This is a great addition, due to the fact medical support must pass strict tests and satisfy many regulations in the United States, before they can be used. Luckily, they satisfy all rules and regulations, so they are a safe choice. The attention was focused on the medical support and according to a research, these running shoes are some of the best on the market. No matter where you use them, the New Balance 940v2 can offer an impressive foot support and they are more than comfortable.

  • It is slightly lighter and more flexible than the original model.
  • The N2 cushioning in the heel area provide better shock absorption and cushioning
  • Great stability due to the midsole and outsole platforms, like the N-ergy cushioning, ACTEVA Lite, Stabilicore and N2 Cushioning technology.
  • They have a problematic fit in the forefoot area.
  • Takes a lot time to break in

New Balance 990v4

new-balance-990-v4The awesome New Balance 990v4 running footwear is well known for combining stability as well as cushioning. While running, it helps to keep the feet steady and comfy. A 12-millimeter midsole drop comes with this footwear which offers a comfy landing pad for all those having flat feet even though they are not ideal for barefoot runners. The sneaker can boast of an innovative ENCAP Polyurethane Ring concept in addition to E.V.A core inside the heel to provide you with optimum resilience as well as support.

Furthermore, this fantastic running footwear gets its unique appearance because of the comfortable mesh upper boasting of supporting leather overlays. It gives it the potential to hold up effectively in severe circumstances. The shoe receives great traction thanks to the rubber sole, particularly on groomed tracks. The New Balance 990V4 running shoes are manufactured from a leather material that provides some toughness to the footwear while the women’s running shoes are made from synthetic/textile substance.

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