Best Running Shoes

Best Nike Running Shoes

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Looking for the best Nike running shoes your money can buy? Then just take a quick look over the table below and read as well the detailed reviews. I’m sure they will reveal to you what you’re looking for.

Best Nike Running Shoes 2018

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 Check Price
Nike Air Monarch IV Check Price
Nike Flex Run 2015 Check Price
Nike Revolution 2 Check Price
Nike Lunaracer 3 Check Price
Nike Flyknit Racer Check Price
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Check Price

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Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

nike-free-flyknit-4.0The Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 are one of the most comfortable, lightweight running shoes that comes in many eye-catching colors. Wearing one makes you feel like you are putting on socks. The advanced upper design is ultra-flexible and it has a wide toe-box.

The upper of the Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 is made out of a minimalistic design. Made of synthetic leather, it consists of a woven mesh that stretches beautifully over your feet. You don’t need to wear socks when you put these on (although you may want to wear them if you have to go out running on a sweaty summer day).

The heel and the mid-section of the Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 hug your feet tightly while the forefoot opens up so the tightly woven mesh does not constrict your toes when you run. The entire upper moves along with your foot when you run or walk. To provide adequate airflow, the upper mesh opens at the forefoot and mid-foot and there are holes at the quarter panel for enhanced breathability.

The heel section does not stretch so it keeps your foot in place while running. Flywire, the fiber used for the upper prevents your foot from slipping. Also, the wide and comfortable toe-box helps to prevent hot-spots and irritations even after running for more than 10 miles.

The newly designed hexagon shaped groove pattern allows your foot to have more freedom of motion. Nike’s new sole design is intended to mimic the natural and lateral roll of your foot when it hits the ground. Constructed with phyllite rubber foam, the sole will give your foot a lot of cushioning without putting a lot of pressure on the outer sole.

To enhance traction and durability, at major contact points, a solid rubber overlay was placed under the big toe just outside the heel. The grooves in the sole were properly sized to prevent small rocks and pebbles from getting stock inside them. Although they do not have an elaborate removable insole design, the internal section of the sole is quite comfortable. You may also slide in another insole for additional support and comfort.

The Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 have a small internal arch so it is ideal for runners who need little or no arch support. This also implies that they will be great for walking and every day use, because shoes with a lot of arch support can be very uncomfortable during long walks. When you walk with them, you will feel as if you have but on a pair of slippers.

  • Lightweight: They weigh less than 3 pounds so you can wear them without feeling any drag when you run. The lightweight also provides aerodynamic assistance and enables you to run for long distances.
  • Comfort: Very few running shoes can match the comfort offered by Flyknit design, material and ventilation. The upper molds itself around your feet and you simply feel as if you are putting on a pair of socks.
  • Multiple Uses: They may be used for different purposes including training and casual wear. They can serve as gym shoes, cross fit, road running and trail walking shoes.
  • The inner tag was positioned in a place where it may disturb after running for some hours. However, this tag may be easily removed.
  • Durability is subject to the amount of use and the kind of terrain where you run. However, when used to run on paved roads, it is possible to use these shoes for hundreds of miles without experiencing any major problems.

Nike Air Monarch IV

nike-air-monarch-ivWe all know that Nike is making some of the best running shoes in the world and the Nike Air Monarch IV is not any different. It offers impressive features, great quality, but the price is surprisingly low. They are a great choice and you won’t make a mistake by choosing them.

The design is simple, but modern and practical, which means that they can be worn every day. In fact, the shoes can be worn when you go for a walk or to a launch and they will still look perfect. They are available in black and white colors, so you can get a model that suits you the best. No matter which version you get, the level of quality and the built materials will stay the same. People with achilles tendonitis will definitely love them! On the other side, black version requires less maintenance and they are more resistant to the damages.

The best and most important feature in the Nike Air Monarch IV is the main material, used in the manufacturing process. The upper layer is made from leather, so it is durable, resistant to scratches, lighter damages and it makes them much better. A benefit of leather is the fact it allows to your feet to breathe, so sweating will be a thing of the past. This also means that the bad odor will be a thing of the past.

The Nike Air Monarch IV can last long and they will stay in a great condition, even if you wear them every day due to the fact they have the absolute highest quality. At the same time, resistance to damages and similar issues is at the highest level, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them. With the Nike Air Monarch IV you will get an affordable running shoes that can last a long time and they will stay in a great condition.

  • Low price
  • Air-Sole offers an impressive level of comfort.
  • Great with absorbing vibrations.
  • Can be worn on a track and on a gravel.
  • Great grip.
  • Very flexible, which has a positive effect to the comfort. More flexible than similar remodels, especially from these from the same price range.
  • Durable so they will last long.
  • Reduce the sweating of the feet.
  • There are some issues with the sizes.
  • Some pairs may squeak, but this can be solved.

Nike Flex Run 2015

nike-flex-run-2015The new Nike Flex Run 2015 are a pair of running shoes that are aimed at runners that want a comfortable run, at maximum efficiency while also displaying a sense of style.

Stylish is exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you lay your eyes on them. They look sexy, sleek and surprisingly, it does not at all look like your typical running pair. Don’t be surprised when you wear them on your next run or the next competitive race that you are taking part in and the other runners can’t fathom why you are wearing regular sneakers.

Durability is the first thing that comes to mind when you hold a pair in your hands. Nike has made upgrades all over and the material used in the out sole is meant to reduce any excessive wear and tear. The reduced cluttering of layers also allows for more flexibility while also slowing down the rate of its natural wear.

You can also tell just by putting them on for the first time that it will hold its own in all kinds of different terrain. Whether it is hiking on a mountain, a dirt trail or regular road running, they will shine in all of those conditions. The shoe fits snugly, without feeling too tight and yet you can always sense a feeling of surety while running.

As expected, the Flex Run 2015 are rather lightweight with the men’s version clocking at 238 grams and the women’s version weighing 189 grams. It is just enough weight that you do not feel as if you are running on paper. Nike has enhanced the heel height to provide more support to the back of the foot and it now stands at 23mm, which is considered a medium buy industry standards. The forefoot height is 19 mm while the heel to toe drop is measured at 4.5 mm. All good so far.

The synthetic overlays that first greet your eyes are not just meant for a stylistic purpose as they also serve a rather crucial practical one too. The upper mesh is made up of them and as a result there is a great degree of breathability to be enjoyed by the runner even when on longer runs. The full sleeve construction of the EVA injected sock liner extends through the entirety and provides a great fir while also being removable. The tongue is softly padded and the mid foot area is lined with a light weight sandwich mesh that allows for regular intake of air. So no need to worry about sweat or that feeling of your feet being clustered in there.

The midsole is made up of a soft phylon material that provides your feet with a very sturdy ride as well a strong sense of overall cushioning. The phylon mid sole is equipped with a pressure mapping technology that distributes every forceful impact in pre assigned key zones so as to ensure comfortable running even over very long distances. Not only does this distribution over key zones make running a breeze, it also helps you avoid undue fatigue and lengthens the life. The mid sole as a whole also acts as an out sole (so to say) as the compound it is made of also provides for extra durability.

The Flex Run 2015 are named so because of the flex grooves that adorn the outer sole that allows you to feel the flex while you are in the middle of a run. The purpose of this is to aid your natural running movement and provide for an extra agility as well as flexibility. This however does not mean that the outer sole is soft or is not durable at all. The presence of high quality anti abrasion rubber in strategic places in the outer sole means that what you get is a lot of traction while the shoe demonstrates highly durable qualities. At the same time, the phylite molded material ensures that there is adequate cushioning as well as support and that your run on a whole feels as stable as possible. The construction as a whole is stunning to be frank and every time you wear this shoe you will feel the stable support. It is a marvel that such a shoe is as lightweight as this one is.

I would call the performance carefree, irritation free and optimal. You never feel the sweat or the strain and the feet feel properly aired out. There is plenty of cushion to go around and the shoes feel very strong, especially when you use it on rougher terrain. The fit is very adaptive and molds itself around your feet. The fact that it looks pretty darn good too, just adds to its appeal, especially when combined with the cheap price it retails at.

  • Light and durable.
  • Adaptive fitting.
  • High tech sole construction.
  • Ample support for the heel.
  • Underfoot cushioning.
  • Smaller in size than usual.

Nike Revolution 2

nike-revolution-2The first thing you should know is that the Nike Revolution 2 are running shoes that offer an amazing combination of value, style and comfort. The level of comfort is the most interesting, simply due to the fact it isn’t at some extreme level, but it will make you wear them for a longer period of time. Another great fact is the style, which makes them a great choice, if you want to get noticed. In any case, they have a lot of features to offer, so they are not some cheap and ordinary product.

The best part is the perfect fit of the Nike Revolution 2 have to offer. At the same time, the level of comfort is more than just good. All of this means that they are a great choice, if you are looking for a product that should be worn a few hours per day, during your workout. Paired with low weight, they are a great choice for people who want to have lightweight shoes that are great for wearing, but offer great foot support.

The Nike Revolution 2 look perfect, simple, but modern. All of this means that you are going to be noticed, no matter where you use them. They look like ordinary running shoes, so they can be worn anywhere, beside just on workout. Most owners claim that the style is one of the highest levels.

A great addition is the fact that they are available in many colors. This means that you can always choose a variant you will like the most, so you don’t have to own the same shoes as your friend. The colors are great, because they can make them just for training or you can get a color variation that can be used for training and for other applications as well. At this moment, there are 16 different models, which makes the Nike Revolution 2 one of the most versatile running shoes on the market. All models shave the same characteristics and the quality. In addition, the colors are durable and they can withstand rough use.

Due to the fact that Nike Revolution 2 are not made just for running, but for any type of activity, the level of traction they have to offer is at the highest level, which means that they can be used for many applications. The manufacturer claims that the traction is mandatory feature, simply because it allows you to use the full potential of any shoe.

  • Available in 16 different colors, so you can always get a color variant you like.
  • Lightweight.
  • Offer a high level of comfort.
  • High level of traction.
  • Breathable
  • Great design
  • Size issues.

Nike Lunaracer 3

nike-lunaracer-3With the launch of the Nike Lunaracer 3, Nike has been targeting runners, serious and amateurs, who like comfort as well as a feeling of light weightiness in their running shoes. A company like Nike is constantly looking for evolution and they promise a whole lot of small improvements that make the experience that much better. The company even claims that the Lunaracer 3 are so fantastic that you can get a zero gravity feel when you wear them.

Quite a claim I must say! Their claims may just have been substantiated by the countless runners who swear by this pair and some even claim that this is the best running shoe that they have ever purchased. It is common to think that all the hype build around a shoe such as this is probably just of all the marketing that a big company like Nike can afford to do, but with the Nike Lunaracer 3 it is much more than that. Sure Nike has been peddling this shoe to all and sundry with full throttle gusto but in the end, it seems like that they have a winner on their hands (or feet!) here.

The first thing you think as you set your eyes on the Nike Lunaracer 3 is how sexy they look. Especially in black. It instantly reminds me of some of those NBA guys wear and if you like a running shoe that is good looking they will not disappoint you. The black color also means that you are much more likely to find or already have socks that will match with the outer of the shoe easily. There is no denying the fact that this shoe looks sleek and gives you immense satisfaction as you put it on.

The main purpose that Nike has paid attention to is the traction it can provide the runners. To achieve that it uses BRS 1000, a carbon rubber material integrated in a waffle design. The cuts that are at the base also greatly help with traction, allowing you to navigate through various kinds of terrain with relative ease.

Stretched across the midsole is a density foam called Lunarlon, which is lightweight, allows for a responsive jog and most of all ensures an extremely smooth, heel to toe transition. The outer sole and the midsole are covered with molded sipes, which ensures flexibility.

The upper part of the Nike LunaRacer 3 is where comfort is paid extra attention to. The upper mesh is newly redesigned and lets your feet breathe. The fact that it is also very light weight makes longer and stressful running a fairly easy task. The EVA sock liner that runs along also ensures that the shoe molds to the shape of your foot and provides it extra support. The inclusion of Dynamic Flywire ensures that the weight of this shoe is kept to the minimum.

We have already talked about the Dynamic Flywire technology that ensures that they fit your feet like a snug glove without it being too tight. Although, that by itself makes the Lunaracer 3 very lightweight, it is the combination with the Nike Zoom technology that really makes it shine. Nike zoom is a lightweight and responsive cushioning system that ensures that your feet are as close to the ground as possible and you have all the support that you need.

The dual layer mesh tongue ensures that any moisture or sweat that gathers inside is easily disposed off and that there is optimum ventilation. The no sew overlays reduce friction or any sort an irritation that you might feel otherwise.

Although it might not appear so at first, the Lunaracer 3 is constructed with highly reflective material that ensures that you can run safely even in low light conditions.

The performance of the Nike Lunaracer 3 is as you would expect from such an offering from Nike- top class! They are lightweight, perhaps the lightest shoe that you will find in the market and it is as comfortable as Nike claimed it was. There is plenty of traction to be had without feeling any strain on the feet and across a wide variety of terrain. The very lightweight means that you can use this for speed running or endurance running like a marathon. It is nut just a running shoe and you can use this for training or for playing other kinds of sports.

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Very lightweight
  • Provides great support and traction.
  • Syncs with Nike+.
  • Perfect for a wide variety of physical activities.
  • Well cushioned all over.
  • Does not make a great fit for people with wider feet.

Nike Flyknit Racer

Nike-Flyknit-RacerThe breathtaking Nike Flyknit Racer are awesome running shoes which was first introduced by Nike way back in 2012. After putting them on, the user will get a great impression thanks to its fantastic sock-like fit. In fact, they happen to be an innovative unisex running footwear from Nike. The Nike Flyknit Racer are available in a wide array of sizes which will fit individuals of every age group. It provides a snug fit mainly because of the narrow width and it will enhance your performance at the fitness center as well as on the road. In case someone wants a top quality footwear, then he or she will not be disappointed by using the incredible Flyknit Racer.

The Nike Flyknit Racer can boast of an upper which appears to fit just like a second skin and this helps it to adapt to the national form of the feet. Apart from being extremely lightweight, it is manufactured from only one layer of top quality Flyknit fabric which provides amazing breathability. This makes it one of the preferred running shoes, especially for the hot summer days. It is interesting to note that it is possible to see through the fabric and therefore in case you are contemplating going outdoors during the rainy season, you should better stay away from wearing it. There are certain areas where a lot of pressure is exerted by the feet particularly while jumping, running or even walking. However, with the Nike Flyknit Racer the fabric has been reinforced in those specific areas which help to provide stability and support.

The Nike Flyknit Racer also provides you with a feeling that you are wearing nothing at all. As a matter of fact, the weight of the upper is approximately 6 ounces mainly because of the lack of any additional cushioning which makes it one of the most innovative lightweight running footwear out there. You are bound to feel wonderful after running for more than 5 miles in these running shoes thanks to the fantastic breathability provided by it. There is hardly any doubt about the fact that theNike Flyknit Racer has been built to enhance your speed. They are noted for their trendy appearance which is one of the main reasons why they are so much popular at present. In fact, the manufacturer has not altered this particular feature since its introduction five years earlier.

The astounding footwear has been suspended on a robust Waffle rubber outsole featuring a remarkable diamond pattern which is mainly intended to enhance performance. The Nike Flyknit Racer also provides fantastic grip on all types of surfaces including the rough landscapes and is also extremely resilient. There will hardly be any wear and tear even after running several miles on the road. There is a padded midsole which supports the outsole that comes with an innovative Zone Air unit as well as a full-length Phylon for providing a responsive feeling. You’re going to feel really great at the fitness center on the tiled floor surfaces because of the superb traction offered by it. The footwear will help you to maintain your balance while performing various routines including stretches. Unlike the other sneakers on the market, the astoundingNike Flyknit Racer will provide you with a natural feeling from the very first time you start using it.

Pros: 1. Attractive. 2. Flyknit fabric helps to support the feet. 3. Sleek design. 4. Provides a wonderful springy as well as cushioned experience. 5. Offers a sock-like feeling. 6. Can be used in competitions.

Cons: 1. Is not weatherproof. 2. Tends to be a bit expensive as compared to the other ones.

Verdict: Although the Nike Flyknit Racer is mainly intended for the sprinters, it is also a fantastic casual footwear as well. Apart from helping you to exercise, you can also wear it along with your trendy outfit that will surely make you look attractive and handsome. However, one cannot rule out some drawbacks in spite of its wonderful features. It might seem to be a bit narrow although that should not create too much problem since you can definitely purchase another pair which is one size bigger. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, it is not appropriate for wearing during the rainy season. Thus, after going through the review, it is quite evident that the positive aspects have really outweighed the drawbacks which make it one of the most sought-after running footwear at present.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 features brand-new horizontal and vertical cuts in the outsole providing better stability as well as grip. Moreover, these Nike running shoes can boast of an engineered mesh covering Flywire cables providing additional durability. Furthermore, a lightweight, low profile and responsive cushioning from the foot-strike through the toe-off is created by the introduction of Zoom Air units within the forefoot.

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