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If you’re a runner with plantar fasciitis, you may be aware of the fact that insoles will help you run comfortably. Right?

Numerous individuals across the globe are struggling with extreme agony and discomfort from this chronic condition. Although you will not come across any remedy for this disease, there are definitely certain options that can help you to recover quickly. Among all these sure fire remedies, mentions may be made of insoles. Insoles will assist in getting rid of the pain significantly.

Therefore we have reviewed the best plantar fasciitis insoles for you!

Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles 2018

Stride Insoles by Tread Labs Check Price
Superfeet Premium Check Price
Powerstep Pinnacle Orthodontic Check Price
Powerstep ProTech Full Length Check Price
Syono Orthotic Gel Check Price

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Stride Insoles by Tread Labs

Stride-Insoles-by-Tread-labsThese innovative insoles from Tread Labs are available in as many as four different arch heights which have helped individuals having plantar fasciitis to find a suitable fit that can keep them running comfortably for several hours at a stretch. The Stride Insoles likewise include PURE antimicrobial treatment that has the capacity to demolish a remarkably high percentage of harmful bacteria (as much as 99%).

Furthermore, they also offer fantastic biomechanical support which implies that you will be provided with the required comfort and firmness while you are running for long distances. They likewise include a revolutionary deep heel cup which will provide you with wonderful padding for the feet so that you can remain comfortable for a considerably long span of time and you can continue running for as long as you prefer without bothering of being affected with sore feet.

Moreover, these Stride Insoles from Tread Labs are capable of sliding immaculately into many different types of footwear and they can also mold flawlessly so that they can match your feet impeccably. However, there is one particular drawback with these plantar fasciitis insoles and this is that the top covers (which can be replaced to help them remain fresh for a long time and also not produce any bad smell) are often somewhat challenging to come across on the market and this can prove to be frustrating in the long run.

Superfeet Premium

Superfeet-PremiumThe breathtaking Superfeet Premium insoles have gained immense popularity at present especially amongst the athletes having plantar fasciitis. This insole happens to be the Green model that is less invasive as compared to the popular Blue model. Individuals having flat feet are going to find these insoles to be absolutely fantastic which are designed especially for low to medium arch foot types.

However, those who are suffering from low or even flat arches will find the Black model to be appropriate for them whereas those with medium to high arches must go for the Green model. These inserts which are available in many different shapes can fit in different types of footwear including those with non-removable insoles.

These incredible Superfeet Premium insoles are a bit pricier as compared to other similar brands out there but if you consider the benefits offered by them, they are definitely worth the cost. Apart from being ideal for individuals with a flat foot, these insoles are reputed for their low profile, durability, and compatibility with an array of different shoes. There is apparently only one drawback with these insoles and it is that they are a bit expensive.

Powerstep Pinnacle Orthodontic

Powerstep-Pinnacle-OrthodonticRemarkable cushioning, as well as an innovative design, is featured by this immensely popular plantar fasciitis insole from Powerstep which is ideal for offering tremendous relief to patients suffering from the condition. It comes with a remarkable heel cradle as well as inbuilt platforms under the heel and provides an exclusive double-layer cushioning thanks to a cutting-edge polypropylene shell which encloses the padding.

Any possibility of slippage and friction is minimized by the exceptional antibacterial ETC fabric cover. Furthermore, this insole offers a fantastic combination of foot control and long-lasting cushioning which is ideal for individuals who are looking for additional comfort while running. The Pinnacle even helps to get rid of any pain or stress in the arch and heel including the ankles, the lower back, and the knees and it does this by eliminating the inward rolling action of the feet.

There is also the revolutionary Hypurcel® EVA casing which provides outstanding padding from heel to toe. The heel is protected efficiently by the heel cradle at the time of lending. On top of this, a lucrative 30-day cash back guarantee is offered by the company in case you come across any issues with this insole.

Powerstep ProTech Full Length

Powerstep-ProTech-Full-LengthIt is possible to place these are some insoles in virtually any type of shoe quite easily. It will be your ideal solution for alleviating any sort of feet or heel problem and will also provide you with remarkable arch support thanks to the double layered shock-absorbing cushioning. Apart from providing you with support, it will also help you feel comfortable to a significant extent. It can also boast of a podiatrist design which will encourage enhanced foot health.

Furthermore, it is capable of eliminating various types of pain associated with different conditions such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Although the Powerstep insoles are positioned within the shoes, they will offer much more beyond the feet and will support the knees, the ankle as well as the lower back. It also comes with a trailblazing Poron heel cushioning pad along with a ground-breaking EVA padding which will help to eliminate pain. Another important feature of these insoles is that they can be used with almost any type of shoe on a regular basis.

There is no need to be concerned about quality since it is manufactured by a company which is quite reputable. Apart from being resilient, the insole will also provide you with the required support needed for different medical conditions related to the foot. However, the beginners may face some problem since they might take some time to adapt; but, everything will be okay once they are used to it.

Syono Orthotic Gel

Syono-Orthotic-GelThese amazing Syono Orthotic Gel insoles are ideal for both males as well as females. They will offer the necessary comfort thanks to their lightweight design which will help to remove pain and offer relief to the hips, knees, and ankles.

Moreover, they include a flexible gel which has the ability to absorb shock and impact successfully while your foot makes contact with the ground. You will be offered sufficient guidelines so that you’ll be able to trim the insole very easily to the appropriate fit and those who are struggling with plantar fasciitis will find these insoles to be very useful in eliminating discomfort related to the aforementioned condition.

Buying Guide

A. What is plantar fasciitis and how can it affect me as a runner?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the plantar fascia gets thickened. Interestingly, the plantar fascia happens to be a tissue which runs below the sole of the feet. The main cause for this thickening might be due to the gradual accumulation of minor injuries over time or because of any recent injury or damage. It should be mentioned here that the condition is often quite distressing.

It is almost impossible to avoid arch pain or heel pain in your daily life and it is quite natural for you to take any step to get rid of plantar fasciitis in case you are confronted with this problem. Sometimes athletes are required to endure the agony in the heel for several months if not years before the condition eventually subsides.

Although you will come across some special footwear on the market which can help you to feel better, it is sometimes a bit difficult to find these types of shoes. For this reason, it is imperative to diagnose and treat the condition as soon as possible. Luckily, if it is properly taken care of, the majority of these cases will be treated successfully within a few weeks and you will continue to run like before.

B. What things you should know to choose the right insoles?

It is quite difficult to pick the appropriate insole because there are so many different products out there and below we have mentioned certain aspects that you must be aware of before choosing the correct insole.

1. Size

And insole’s sizing is typically termed as a shoe size range. For most of the full-length insoles, it is due to the fact that these insoles are actually designed to be trimmed prior to usage; the insoles are created so that they can be utilized in an array of shoe sizes and it is expected that the customer trims off any unnecessary length from the insole’s end while placing it into their shoe. It is advisable to purchase the subsequent size up in case you happen to be between the insole sizes.

2. Your Foot Arch Type

These insoles have been manufactured in such a way that they are able to work with various types of foot arches. Make it a point to figure out what is your type of foot arch while browsing insoles and only browse those which are actually intended to work with that particular type of foot arch.

3. Placement of the Insole

Upon purchasing a full-length insole, removing the present one from your footwear will be essential before replacing it with a fresh one. Virtually every full-length insole should replace the present one that you’re actually wearing. You can comfortably wear only the extremely thin as well as flat full-length insoles apart from the existing ones.

4. Material

Usually, these insoles are made from any of the 4 materials, namely, gel, foam, leather, and cork. Although every one of them has its own benefits, the material selected by you will depend largely on your own preference.

C. What are the common complaints with orthotic insoles?

1. Several orthotic insoles at present come with somewhat longer breaking-in period. As a matter of fact, it has been found that strong arch supports need some more time for the user to become acquainted with while running or even walking and also they are not always able to adjust easily.

2. Sometimes several custom inserts can prove to be a bit pricey. According to some individuals, it would have been a smarter idea for them to go for any shoe with a fantastic arch support which can last for a longer duration of time.

3. Certain studies have been conducted which talk about the resilience of these orthotic insoles. Typically, they tend to wear down quite easily and quickly since you are wearing them almost all the time and this leads to their replacement with a fresh pair at some point in time.

D. What are the advantages of wearing insoles?

You always expect these insoles to provide you with supplemental comfort for the feet. It is possible to customize orthotics which will allow the pressure to be distributed evenly since that the joints are not stressed constantly while working out. It is possible to design these insoles specifically according to your own choice such that they can be used by long distance runners as well as basketball players who require additional support while playing.

As a matter of fact, it is good to know that there are 20 muscles and 26 bones in our feet and these insoles will help the athletes who tend to exert pressure on specific areas because of their movements while playing games. Insoles are also reputed to help other parts of our body apart from the feet. Furthermore, they can also help in eliminating any kind of knee or back pain due to the correct positioning of bones within our system. Lastly, another important benefit of putting on insoles will be the minimization of any injury risk.

E. What are the criteria used in selecting plantar fasciitis insoles?

Plantar fasciitis insoles can provide us with plenty of advantages including eliminating any heel pain, or any other similar foot problems that might hamper our running to a great extent. In the subsequent paragraphs, we’ll take a look at the criteria used in picking one.


Comfort really matters while selecting insoles so that you do not suffer any injury while running. It case you become exhausted and suffer from achy feet, it might be because of the fact that there is little support from the insoles or maybe no support at all.

Consequently, it is imperative for you to look for an insole providing firmer support and you might even opt for the support style rather than the comfortable style. This is going to depend largely on how your feet feel within the shoes. In short, it is imperative for the insole to fit in your preferred footwear perfectly and also it must provide sufficient breathing space to avoid any kind of stuffiness that might lead to discomfort.

Material used:

Not every manufacturer will use the same material for their insoles and you need to go for something which is soft as well as breathable. Also, ensure that the material is actually semi-pliable while will be strong enough to withstand your weight.

Typically most of the runners need to worry about their feet striking because the ground which can lead to unexpected injuries. Consequently, it is imperative for the material of the insole to absorb the energy of the forces which can trigger extreme comfort. Furthermore, go for a proper air circulation material which will help to avoid any perspiration along with any bad odor.

Arch support:

The arches of different individuals vary considerably from high to flat or even low arches. As a result, it is important to consider arch support while selecting these insoles. The material, as well as the design of the insole, is going to be the essential factor which will provide reliable support. The best insoles must be able to support your arch properly so that your feet do not flatten out.


We all know that in order to treat it is imperative to put on a properly cushioned shoe which will help to absorb the shock while running. Consequently, try to go for insoles which are not only functional but can also keep the feet comfy. A properly cushioned insole will also be able to fit in a footwear flawlessly.


As mentioned earlier, a proper insole will be able to fit in the shoe flawlessly. While purchasing insoles, fit or size ought to be an essential factor that you must take into consideration. In case, the insole is not fitting properly, it might create problems for you which can aggravate over time.

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