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Best Reebok Running Shoes

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Looking for the best Reebok running shoes your money can buy? Then just take a quick look over the table below and read as well the detailed reviews. I’m sure they will reveal to you what you’re looking for.

Best Reebok Running Shoes 2018

Reebok Pheehan Check Price
Reebok Zigtech Big And Quick Check Price
Reebok ZJet Check Price
Reebok QuickChase Check Price
Reebok Runner Check Price

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Reebok Pheehan

reebok-pheehanThe latest version of the Reebok Pheehan is an impressive upgrade that offers improved comfort, better protection, and enhanced durability. Although this is an entry level running shoe, it performs better than what you would expect from a shoe at this price point. Thus, both professional and amateur runners would be able to use it. These shoes have a very durable outsole that will hold up after many miles of continuous use which is great for people with high arches.

The Reebok Pheehan upper has a combination of open weave nylon mesh and synthetic overlays. This gives your foot an airy, breathable and comfortable space, which will remain dry even after running for many miles in hot weather. Additional comfort is provided by the padded tongue and collar. The lacing system and sock liner also give your foot a customized fit that allows you to forget about your shoe and focus on your race.

On the external part of the upper, Reebok used their usual bold design theme to give this shoe an attractive and elegant look. Moreover, the low cut design of the Pheehan inspires the natural motion of the foot. It enables you to run with greater foot freedom. For better visibility in low light conditions, this shoe has reflective overlays sewed on to it.

The midsole is not heavily loaded with diverse proprietary technologies but it serves the basic purpose of shock absorption and cushioning. The durable cushioning provided by the DMXRide technology and the injection and compression molded dual density EVA foam is sufficient for a typical runner with neutral pronation. If you are a heel striker, you will appreciate the thick heel cushioning in the Reebok running shoes. The Pheehan gives you a soft landing without hampering the movement of your feet or your performance. At the forefoot, you will feel a similar amount of cushioning, which is enhanced by the presence of flex grooves.

The Reebok Pheehan have a very durable outsole that offers good resistance, protection and flexibility. The main portion of the outsole is made of high abrasion rubber, which protects the shoe from wear, damage or tearing, especially in high impact areas. It also provides adequate traction when you run on the road or on the track. In response to the feedback from users, Reebok has added flex grooves to the forefoot. These indentations provide the much need flexibility that is lacking in many other well cushioned running shoes with thick soles. The flexibility offered aids you in the natural movement of your feet while running.

  • Comfort: This shoe offers superior comfort because of its design, cushioning, breathability and fit.
  • Durability: The upper mesh and overlays do not wear out easily while the outsole is made of rubber material that has high wear resistance.
  • Standard Fit: This shoe has a normal fit with respect to shoe length. It also has a relatively wide toe box to accomodate users with wider feet.
  • Personalized Fit: The combination of the upper mesh, sock liner and lacing system provides a snug fit, whether you are wearing socks or running sock-less.
  • Cushioning: Heel and forefoot cushioning in this shoe are very impressive.
  • Versatility: You can use this shoe for a wide variety of activities including running on the road or track, training in the gym, walking and performing regular activities at your workplace.
  • There are many seams in the upper section. A welded or seamless construction would make the shoe more comfortable and totally eliminate the possibility of irritation because of the seams.
  • Small pebbles and stones could get trapped within the spaces in the flex grooves of the outsole.

Reebok Zigtech Big And Quick

reebok-zigtech-big-and-quick-running-shoesThe Reebok Zigtech Big and Quick are lightweight minimalist shoes with comfortable cushioning and fairly good support. Built to serve as a cross training shoe, they can be used for jogging on the road, working out in the gym, or simply as a casual walking shoe.

The Zigtech come with a mesh upper that promotes breathability, comfort and dryness. With this airy upper design, your feet will remain dry and sweat-free whether you put on socks or not. In terms of style, Reebok designed this shoe with bold colors such as black, grey, and blue. The color schemes of this shoe make it a good choice when you want to put on basketball shorts and long socks. You can also wear it with dark jeans. In fact, the simplistic design makes it possible to wear it with many types of clothing.

The Ortholite sock liner provides a good snug fit while the roomy toe box makes it ideal for walking or standing up for long hours. That is why they are commonly used by professionals like nurses whose daily tasks require standing and walking for several hours. The lacing system is quite efficient and the shoe has sufficient padding and cushioning at the collar and tongue.

The most recent version has a raised heel section on the midsole. The heel has been raised by 40% to provide you with better heel cushioning and support. So you can run or walk with this shoe and experience a plush feeling, especially when you strike the ground with your heel.

Within the midsole you can find the Pebax propulsion plate that enhances your mid foot transitions. Consequently, you will feel like the Zigtech propels you forward with every step you take. This is made possible by technology which transfers the force of each downward strike at the heel to other parts of the shoe as you move forward. Eventually, you will feel a natural push with each forward movement. At the end of your run or walk, you will notice that you experience minimal fatigue in your foot.

The new design of the non-marking rubber out sole offers a higher heel. In combination with the new low cut design, the outsole of these Reebok running shoes provides increased mobility and freedom of movement. You will also notice an accelerated forefoot transition when you run with this shoe. The non-marking sole makes this shoe suitable for use in the gym and for other indoor activities. Its excellent grip, enhanced by the bold zig-zag pattern gives you good traction while you run. You can also use the Reebok Zigtech Big and Quick to walk on wet surfaces since it has a non-skid design. To improve its durability, Reebok has added special rubber outlays in the areas where more wear is likely to occur.

  • Comfortable Fit: The breathable upper, padded collar and Ortholite liner provide a very comfortable fit for your foot.
  • Lightweight: This shoe feels light and it provides good performance when it is used for training on tracks or on a treadmill.
  • Attractive Design: The bold zig-zag sole and the upper design are visually appealing.
  • Propulsion System: With the inclusion of a propulsion plate in the midsole, Reebok offers you an energy efficient running shoe that will enhance speed and help you to use less effort to run or walk.
  • Extra heel cushioning: The new decoupled heel design and extra padding at the heel give your foot more support and shock absorption when you strike the ground with your heel.
  • The sole of the shoe tends to wear out at a faster rate when the shoe is used every day.
  • The inner construction is not strong enough to support very aggressive training.
  • The new low cut design provides less ankle support.

Reebok ZJet

One has to admit the fact that although the Reebok ZJet does excel in some categories, there do exist some drawbacks in other categories. The traction of the footwear is covered by a high abrasion rubber which works efficiently in all conditions. Being an extremely resilient rubber it should be able to hold up for a considerable period of time. Besides this, flex grooves were also added by the company which help to provide flexibility to this footwear. One important highlight of the ZJet Run is an innovative Air Motion technology which uses something called by the company as “Speed Channels”. These enable the moment of air from heel to toe providing a soft as well as responsive underfoot sensation while your foot strikes the ground.

A lightweight and responsive 3D IMEVA Foam midsole is positioned in between the Air Transfer system and the foot. The upper of the shoe comprises of Reebok’s NanoWeb and Jet Fuse technology. The Jet Fuse material is utilized in the forefoot and comes with a mesh underlay having a synthetic material on top of it. However, the Jet Fuse technology of the company is not able to wrap properly around the foot as you might have expected. Another drawback with this footwear is heel slipping while the tongue slides a bit resulting in an uncomfortable fit. One of the strongest features of the Reebok ZJet happens to be the ventilation. The groundbreaking Air Motion system enables vigorous support plus padding, while the NanoWeb material present on the heel enables your feed to remain centered on thus allowing the Speed Channels to function properly.

Reebok QuickChase

In case you would like to enjoy a superior ride as well as support for the feet, the Quickchase from Reebok is exactly what you require. These shoes feature an open weave along with the mesh upper providing fantastic breathability. The midsole includes adequate cushioning which in combination with a sock liner having memory technology helps to enhance the comfort of the shoe. The footwear’s rubber outsole includes a high-abrasion component for ensuring its resilience. When it comes to functionality and aesthetics, this shoe is going to be spot on. Here, we would like to mention that the QuickChase has a propensity to run small, therefore always consider purchasing a pair half the normal size.

Reebok Runner

The incredible Reebok Runner is known to stay comfy, even after wearing all through the day and this makes it appropriate for daily usage as well as training. The shoe provides a reliable fit which is useful for the athletes having wide feet. The toe box of the Runner has adequate space which will enable your toes to relax by spreading out when required. The amazing footwear is manufactured from imported synthetic and materials featuring an open-weave mesh upper providing fantastic breathability. One important highlight of this shoe is that it is extremely lightweight. Also, an innovative low-cut design plus wide 4E sizing enhances the overall appeal of the footwear. The midsole of the Runner can boast of memory foam, which will enable you to enjoy a personalized underfoot experience. In general, it can be rightly claimed that the Reebok Runner are great running shoes, thanks to its efficiency and design at an inexpensive rate.

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