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Best Running Apps

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Today there are so many running apps, it can be hard to choose the one that best suits you. However, no matter what your type of training plan or needs, odds are that there is a running app out there to suit your particular needs. Doesn’t matter whether you want to be the next Mo Farah or you simply want to be fitter, there are lots of useful iPhone running apps that will make clocking those miles much easier and more enjoyable.

We have penned down a handy list that contains the best running apps for Iphone and Android, to make things easier for you, alongside their brief reviews and features to help you have a better understanding of what you are going to need as a runner.

Best Running Apps For Iphone

1. Strava Run

Strava Run is one brilliant running app for the Iphone which has a social component which allows users to engage in fun, friendly competition. You can browse the popular paths in the neighborhood and get to stack your times/distance against other users. Strava Run is actually 1 of the only tracking applications that employs the use of the motion co processor in an iPhone to track more accurate data. With Strava, you can link up all types of sensors so as to measure the heart rate, speed, cadence, and much more. Moreover, Strava is one of the only apps that supports the Bluetooth LE sensors. If you want to track your runs, simply hit the start key and get going.

Strava Run allows users to directly compare their performance with the Strava community of athletes, including your friends, the people in your locality and many others. Every run also provides awards after a win and has various challenges to beat; this makes running more fun. In addition, thanks to the regularly updated challenges, and a crisp clean, easy to read and use interface, Strava Run will most certainly become an integral part of your running routine.

2. Map My Run

The Map My Run allows users to create routes on the computer which they can than follow via this iPhone app. Map My Run can also be easily exported as GPX file for the Garmin GPS gadget. It tracks many activities and provides lots of statistics such as calories burned, distance traveled, pace, and many more. The app can also link with services like My Fitness Pal so as to sync exercise and nutrition data. You can also link with several other different monitors like Garmin, Polar, and such others in the settings. With Map My Run, you can even set notifications/alarms for when your friends complete work outs if you need that extra push. Whether you are a professional runner or a novice, you will most certainly appreciate the workout stats and efficient mapping capabilities. Also if you prefer running to music, you will enjoy the convenience of jogging and grooving to your favorite iTunes without switching screens. Apart from covering the common metrics, this amazing app will also use your iPhone’s GPS to help track the courses you run; this is particularly great for plotting and reviewing your next route, thus adding more variety to your workouts.

3. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is one of the most popular apps among runners for the Iphone. It records your speed, pace, time, distance, calories burned, and much more. It is ideal for those who have set long term goals, since it can track your work out history and even measure your progress. It has a goal coach feature which will help you reach the long term goals and a Runkeeper DJ that lets you enjoy your favorite tunes. The app will ensure you stay on track since it personalizes your routines by taking into account your life’s demands and then adapts to your particular schedule. It’s not only perfect for running, but it’s also excellent at tracking any type of training from cycling to walking to strength training, and much more. With this app, you can track your own personal records, and then set goals/objectives for yourself, may it be weight loss goals, distance goals, and such others. The app also lets you view your previous goals, set new future ones, and view which goals you achieved, and which goals you didn’t.

4. Endomondo Running Cycling Walk

Endomondo operates much similarly to the Strava Run app but rather than focusing on athletes and competition, this app is geared toward building a great support community around cycling and running. With Endomondo, you can text messages to your friends in realtime on your Iphone. When you write the message, it reads the message out loud to the recipient as they run. The Endomondo Running Cycling Walk also lets you create your very own routes, and keep them for personal use or even share the routes with Endomondo community. This app can also connect/link with MyFitness Pal to share data. There’s also a section which offers users fitness tests so as to test their fitness levels; this is a great feature for novice runners. Endomondo Running Cycling Walk also partners with other companies to provide various sponsored challenges to its’ users. If you wish to compete in fitness challenges with friends and other fitness enthusiasts, or you want to check your fitness levels via various fitness tests, then check out the Endomondo app.

5. Nike+ Running

The Nike+ Running app on the Iphone has very many great aspects. 1st of all, it works on treadmills, which means that if you don’t want to brace the chilly January weather, you can go to the gym and record your pace, distance and time accurately. 2ndly, you can easily load up your power songs to kick in when you are flagging mid run. The GPS also allows you to easily track your calories, route, pace, time and distance. This app features a new coaching function which offers training plans, and daily work outs that help you run and train smarter. If you link the it with your social network(s), your friends will be notified whenever you go out running so that they can motivate you. The app can also communicate with the calorie tracking apps such as Lose It to help in tracking your calorie burning history.

Best Running Apps For Android

1. Adidas Train and Run

Adidas Train and Run is a fitness app that comes from a company which knows plenty about running. The app includes a wide range of training plans to help users get in fit and remain that way. Users can also use the GPS to track their routes, distance, pace and calories burned. Adidas Train and Run will help you train more efficiently and will improve your overall performance. This device will make you push yourself, to do much better next time you are running.

2. Get Running

The Get Running app for Android is a recent application which has taken the fitness world by storm. This app utilizes the C25K way of learning. This means that this app is ideal for both beginners and also intermediates. The app features great audio feedback, ability to let users plan their fitness routines, great social media support and much more. This is a solid, easy to use and convenient application that does all that it needs to do with much ease.

3. Runtastic

Runtastic is an app that uses GPS to map and track your distance, monitor time, speed and plot your routes in real time. It has a personal exercise diary that keeps track of all your running metrics and you can also view your routes in a Google Earth style view. Runtastic app will track all your favorite fitness activities like running, kayaking, walking, biking, snowboarding, skiing and more. It will give you valuable and accurate stats. In addition, you can manually put/enter all your other sessions like yoga, strength training, or tennis. With Runtastic app, you can easily track where you are running, how fast you are running, and there’s also a brilliant voice coach which will help you train/run even better by motivating you to push on and go the extra mile.

4. Couch to 5K by RunDouble

If you are just starting out a running program, this is the ideal app for you. Couch to 5K (also abbreviated as C25K), is a great app that’s geared towards beginners. The app includes many workouts to follow so that you can transform from a couch potato into a pro 5K race runner. The Couch to 5K app makes starting a running program painless and smooth; it has a sequence of work outs which start with ultra gentle walk run interval training sessions. You can use it 3 times a week, and in 9 short weeks, you will be all ready to complete a 5K race. This app is simple and easy to use, and its’ audio cues will enjoyably take you through the workout.

There are many different running apps for beginners, but this is the one we definitely recommend. It will provide you with pre planned schedules with all the walks, and runs you need so as to turn yourself in to a 5K race runner. As aforementioned, this Couch to 5K app is designed to smoothly and gently ease the casual runners and couch potatoes, into running 5K races in due time.

5. Google Fit

The Google Fit is a fitness app that usually comes with many Android devices. This app offers a stable Android Wear experience and its’ recent updates have actually made this app even more powerful. The app offers users with a step counter, graphs to help track their fitness levels, and it even features a calorie counter which shows just how much calories you have burned. This is a very convenient, easy to use app and it will most certainly help you get the best out of your work out sessions.

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