Nutrition And Weight Loss

Why You Might Not Lose Weight While Running

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Running is an exercise which will burn a lot of calories. To many people burning of calories will indicate weight loss. But, the way you will burn the calories and the intake of the calories should result to a net loss in your overall calorie intake. If you will use 3500 calories when running, you should ensure you eat food which will replace less than 3500 calories. This is necessary so that your body will use the fat reserves from your body for you to lose weight. But, that is not the case in many people who run as a way of losing weight or those who are involved in athletic events where they run a lot. This is due to many reasons:

1. You will store extra water

In order for the body to repair muscles which are worn out during your running exercise, the body will have to store more water which it will utilize in transporting glycogen to tissues to be repaired. After running you will tend to drink a lot of water so that you will stay hydrated. Water is healthy hence you should always ensure you drink enough for you to stay healthy. But, the water which your body will retrain will indicate an increase in weight after you step on the weighing scale few weeks after you start your running regime.

2. Muscle weighs more than fat

Running is an exercise which will burn more fats and help you to build muscles. When comparing the density of fat with the density of muscles, you will discover muscles are denser than fats. This will make you weigh more after you step on the weighing scale as a way of trying to monitor your weight loss program. You should not be worried even if you will weigh more because building muscles is healthier than having too much fats in your body. Although at first your weight will increase, with time you will maintain healthy body weight due to accumulation of muscles in your body.

3. Looking for short-term results

It will take a deficit of about 3500 calories for you to burn a pound of fats. If you will like to lose weight safely, it is recommended for you to aim at losing less calories at a time so that after a certain period of time you will have lost the fat which you will have targeted. If you will keep on weighing yourself every day, you will be looking at your hydration levels rather than the amount of calories which you are burning. You will take time before fats can be burned from your body which is unlike the hydration levels which will fluctuate over a short period of time.

4. Eating Too Much to Compensate

Running will burn more calories. This is due to the stress which will be exerted on your muscles. Even if you ill burn a lot of calories, it does not guarantee you great results in your weight loss journey if you will compensate the calories with any type of food. Your goals will be realized if you will stick to healthy foods each time you will sit down to eat after the exercises. You should have a calorie deficit so that you will lose weight in your running program. You can work closely with your nutritionist who will inform you of the right food which you should use alongside your running routine so that you will achieve your weight loss goals.

5. Look for the Hidden Calories

Most marathoners will assume they have lost a lot of calories in their long runs. This will lead them to relying on energy drinks. Most sports drinks and energy gels will have a lot of calories. You will not be able to run for long distances without fueling, but you should remember the drinks you use to refuel will impact on the net calories which you will lose. Even if you run for long hours and take a lot of energy drinks, the net weight loss will be less. Always ensure you refuel but let the calories which you will gain from the energy drinks be considered in your weight loss program.

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