Treadmill Workouts And Running Tips

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We have always figured out that the outdoors was the place to be and that hitting the hills and chewing up icy slopes was the thing to do. However, experts have come out strongly to point out that treadmills are perhaps the best resource in intensity training. What is infinitely more important is that unlike being out there, a treadmill is essentially a controlled environment that allows you to measure intensity and output.

Workout And Running Tips For The Treadmill

Increasing Pace Tempo
This is a run that should start at your threshold and increase gradually as your body warms up to it. It gets even better because the approach is real simple-feed in your requirements and wait for things to build up slowly .Hold steady and do not focus on what your legs are doing because that will tempt you to tinker with the speed buttons. As indicated earlier, one of the best things about a treadmill is that you do not have to struggle to control your legs all the time, which means that there is very little focus on things outside your immediate control. A 3-6 mile run should be enough at this point.

Treadmill Lactate Flushing Session
Here, you are looking for anything between 30 minutes and two hours while varying your pace. At the same time, you want strong bursts from time to time occasioned by periods of quick recovery. Using a calculator, find out the intensity of your regular paces on a normal workout schedule and convert that to their equivalent per hour on the treadmill. Lock your paces in and start moving from high to low and back. The transitions here should be slow but not too slow.

The Endless Uphill
This one requires you to go at it for around one hour. The best idea here would be to find your comfort zone and work at or around it. Do not push yourself too hard because at the end, you are going to need a comfortable point for recovery. Set your treadmill at anything between 4 and 8% and climb steadily over the next hour while ensuring a firm control over your gradient. The tricky bit here involves maintaining a steady gradient .Going above 8% will feel like your muscles are tearing so it is probably not a good idea.

The Long Run
With this one, you are trying to simulate the action you would be performing out there in the cold. If you run for two hours in the outdoors, do the same on your treadmill and add 30 to 40 minutes to your regular threshold. Pause every 15 minutes or so to recover an grab a drink-you will need it to get back on the mill.

The Hill Circuit
You want to hit the ground running-literally-with this one. Combine hard running and quick recovery and ensure that each phase takes 30 seconds before quickly transitioning to the other .Use your treadmill’s rails to swing once you are done with every phase as this helps to maintain a certain level of consistency.

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